Windows 11 will make it more difficult to change the default browser

Windows 11 will make it more difficult to change the default browser

As expected, Windows 11 will have Edge as its default browser, in its new incarnation based on Chromium, as well as the popular Google Chrome, which has already gained approval from numerous users around the world and is also available for other systems. operating, both mobile and desktop. In Windows 10 it is quite simple to change the default browser: in fact, just go to Settings-> Apps-> Default Apps-> Web Browser.

Credit: Windows Central Apparently, the same cannot be done in Windows 11. In fact, the process will be longer and more complicated, since, as you can see from the Insider Preview builds, it is necessary to specify a default application for each type of file or link. So, to be sure that your chosen browser is really the default one, you will need to associate it with HTM, HTML, PDF, SHTML, SVG, WEBP, SHT, FTP, HTTP and HTTPS, among others, if necessary.

This is definitely a rather unusual and intrusive approach to a simple operation like what should be the default browser change. At the moment we do not know if this behavior will also be maintained in the final version, but we hope that Microsoft, which has focused a lot on immediacy and simplicity, decides to retrace its steps and make life easier for users.

Credit: Windows Central Apparently, the design of Windows 11 has struck several people, so much so that today we also reported the availability of version 2.10 of Twister OS for Raspberry Pi, which features a completely redesigned interface to resemble the as much as possible to the operating system of the Redmond house. For more details on this, we advise you to read our previous article.

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