Humankind: Extensive numbers show the scope of the game

Humankind: Extensive numbers show the scope of the game


There are only a few days left until the release of Humankind, the highly anticipated new project from Amplitude Studios. Will the creators of the Endless series succeed in shaking the Civilization genre throne? In terms of size, the game won't have to hide in any case. It has long been known that up to 60 cultures can be combined with each other in the course of the game. According to the developers, this results in more than a million different compilations. But those are not the only numbers that the team at Amplitude would like to use.

Shortly before the release, the developers have announced a few statistics that should testify to the large scope of the game. So there will be 129 different units. The game world will consist of ten different biomes. These, in turn, are home to 45 species of animals that breathe life into the menu and create an atmosphere. Again and again, the game presents various events and historical moments with chic illustrated drawings. There should be around 700 unique images. The technology building comprises 93 milestones to be explored. 1,300 sound files with more than 13 hours of sound provide the background music. In addition, there are another 280 songs from the official soundtrack by the composer Arnaud Roys with a total playing length of 520 minutes. The pieces were recorded by 63 musicians and 20 choir singers.

But that's not all. There are 122 costumes to choose from for your personal avatar. With more than 10,000 lines spoken, your hero always speaks up. If you want to get an impression of the dimensions and statistics of Humankind (buy now € 49.99 / € 47.99), you can watch the trailer included at the end of this message. Hopefully our test will show whether the game has quality as well as quantity. Humankind will be released on August 17, 2021 exclusively for the PC.

Source: Press release Sega

Humankind to launch on Xbox Game Pass




Sega and Amplitude Studios has announced that it will be launching its upcoming 4X strategy game Humankind on Xbox Game Pass for PC on day one. Set to release next week, on August 17, the title will be available on the subscription service on day one, for any subscribers to download and try out.

Ahead of the launch, we've recently had the chance to preview the title one more time, to get an insight in what will be delivered when Humankind releases. Be sure to read our impressions here, or watch our video preview below.

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