MyProtein: sales up to 60% + 25% extra discount!

MyProtein: sales up to 60% + 25% extra discount!


The summer period is the most loved by many people, for obvious reasons, but the heat could play tricks, especially for those who practice a lot of sport, and that's why MyProtein has decided to propose again one of its rounds of offers, which will allow you to buy food supplements, but also sportswear, at very affordable prices.

If you usually follow our pages, you will know that it is not the first time that MyProtein offers its products at bargain prices but, on this occasion , the discounts are enriched by a further 25% thanks to the MYPSCONTI coupon, which increases the already excellent offer by 60%, active for some time now on the pages of the well-known portal. We are sure that the offers will continue in the next few days, but not the one relating to the extra discount, which will end on August 1st. If you need vitamins or supplements, then, this is an excellent opportunity to get them on a budget, and probably one of the last in view of the holidays, given that the portal has implemented numerous initiatives in recent weeks.

Although it is difficult to reach, it is worth pointing out that the maximum discount will be € 200, a considerable saving for those who decide to put a large amount of products in their cart which, we remember, also include various sports items in addition to excellent food supplements. An example is the MP Power crossover sports bra, obviously available in different sizes and colors, which can be yours for less than € 14, or the limited edition MP Impact men's antaloncini, designed to guarantee maximum freedom of movement. only of a highly mobile fabric, but also of the internal laces that will allow you to customize the width. The price? Less than € 18, which will decrease even more with the help of the MYPSCONTI code.

The MyProtein portal, therefore, continues to offer athletes and those who need vitamins excellent purchasing opportunities, which we invite you to discover directly on the page dedicated to this address. As always, before closing, we remind you that if you are looking for further discounts, there is no better place than our four Telegram channels dedicated to offers, where we will offer you in real time all the best promotions related to technology, hardware, smartphones and Chinese products. Happy shopping and have fun!

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Gym bag essentials to have


What's gyming with gym clothes? This should be the most essential thing that needs to be in your gym bag. For morning workout sessions, carry office clothing so that going to office becomes easier. For evening workout sessions after work, just take your workout clothes with you. Myprotein offers an array of stylish clothing options for men and women, right from shorts and leggings, sports bras to tanks, t-shirts, tops and jumpers. They come in a range of striking colours that stops workouts from being boring.

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Your gym experience is incomplete without proper gym shoes. After all, you are always on your feet. Investing in a solid pair of shoes is suitable. Comfortable shoes are essential for sustaining proper posture and for spine constitution. So, acquire a good pair of shoes for your gym bag.

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A gym bag needs a water bottle too, as workouts can make you thirsty. Choose Myprotein's hybrid water bottle that will always hydrate you without letting your mouth touch the tip. Those obsessed with football and rugby can choose this option to satisfy your thirst.

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Keeping a towel handy is required while gyming. It is useful while taking a shower and also can be used to wipe your sweaty body parts. The right towel will make a difference. Choose Tego Antimicrobial Sports towel which has high standards of hygiene and odour control. Its Anti-Microbial protection has the power to kill upto 99.9 per cent of harmful bacteria. This means long-lasting freshness and germ protection.

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Hunger can strike any gym addict who is consistent in working out. And that is why healthy snacks belong in your gym bag to revitalise you. Go for Myproteins' 6 Layered Protein Bar that has six layers of taste and texture and provides eaters a hit of protein, carbohydrates, and fibre. It contains 20g protein, essential minerals calcium and copper. These lip-smacking delights will ideally improve your healthy snacking experience.

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Regular gym goers would know that gloves come handy while doing workout with lifting weights. They ensure better grip and keep your hands from getting rough. Usually, the process of lifting weights can roughen the palm skin. And that is why you need to choose lightweight gym gloves prepared from premium ultra light microfibre. Your hands will be dry due to the breathable meshes and vents on the back, while the tiny holes between fingers helps improved gloves' breathability.

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A gym bag is incomplete without a metal shaker. Use it instead of the harmful plastic. This option helps make consistently lump-free shakes. Myprotein has crafted a 100 per cent stainless steel one that's perfect to mix any of your supplements easily. Be healthy nutritionally 24/7.

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