Elden Ring is officially "difficult", it will not be dubbed in Italian

Elden Ring is officially difficult, it will not be dubbed in Italian

Elden Ring is officially "difficult"

Analyzing the Elden Ring Steam page we discover two interesting details about the game, one that for all Souls lovers is positive, while the other is negative for everyone. Bandai Namco and From Software, in fact, filling in the various fields of the game sheet said that Elden Ring is officially "difficult", the other detail is that the game will not be dubbed in Italian.

The fact that the game will be difficult we knew, but it's always nice to have confirmation. The change of title and structure compared to the "usual" souls could also suggest an opening towards less skilled players. Instead, among the tags chosen by Bandai Namco there is "difficult", which should remove any doubts about the level of challenge that the game should propose.

Equally clear is the table on the languages ​​supported by the game: the only dubbing present will be the one in English, while the subtitles and the rest of the interface adaptation will also be in Italian.

A choice that will not make everyone happy, but that will have been made by Bandai Namco to preserve the quality and work of the original voice actors, who will offer their emotions and characterization of the characters with their voice.

Elden Ring is expected for January 21, 2021 on PC and consoles.

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Elden Ring is officially 'difficult'

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Elden Ring is officially 'difficult'

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