Xbox Series X: New system update for download - that changes with the firmware

Xbox Series X: New system update for download - that changes with the firmware

Xbox Series X

Microsoft released new firmware for Xbox Series X. As announced by the company, the new system update is initially available as a download for members of the Insider program. The focus of the update is a correction for an error in the quick resume function. Players had previously reported receiving a black screen on some games when they made use of the feature - and tried to continue playing the paused games. The game then restarted.

The patch notes also state that the system update "contains a variety of other updates to correctly reflect the local language." It is not known which screws the developers actually turned here. It also remains to be seen when the changes from the new update will be rolled out for all Xbox consoles. It is possible that Microsoft will first have the changes extensively tested and later keep them ready for all users as part of a major update.

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Xbox Series X restocks update: The retailers we are keeping a close eye on right now

The success rate of finding Xbox Series X stock has been lower, unfortunately, than that of finding PS5 stock in recent months - the latter appeared recently for Target in the US and Game and Argos in the UK. Time seems to be of the essence still, and as the aforementioned retailers had stock at around 9:30 AM for only a few minutes, it pays to be as prepared as you can, as early as you can, each day you start your hunt. 

Wherever you're based in the world, one of your best bets for finding Xbox Series X stock is to keep a close eye on Amazon. The retail juggernaut has had snatches of stock appear, despite them disappearing just as quickly as they surface. 

With stock from certain retailers in the US such as Best Buy and Target rumored to be on the horizon, we'll be updating this page frequently with updates letting you know when Xbox Series X stock becomes available, so you can spend less time searching and more time scrolling through Xbox Game Pass for the perfect title.

Of course, the reasons for the shortages are understandable: the global pandemic has seriously compromised the manufacturing of semiconductors and other essential components. However, that doesn't mean it's any less frustrating for people, especially when considering that the Xbox Series X has been 'available' since November 2020 - over 8 months ago! 

We know that it's tempting to give in and pay over-the-odds to scalpers online just to have an Xbox Series X in your home, but make no mistake, these rates are often always grossly inflated, with some secondhand resellers asking in excess of $750. The Xbox Series X is a fantastic console, there's little debate about that, but that's no reason why you should be shelling out close to a thousand dollars for it, especially when a little patience and diligence in the right places can go a long way. 

On that note, especially in our recent experience, it's worth going after an Xbox Series X bundle from a trusted retailer, as these package deals will often be less competitively fought over than the console on its own. Certain stores will couple it up with items such as new games as well as inclusions like the best Xbox Series X headset or the best Xbox Series X accessories. 

When you've finally got your Xbox Series X, you'll no doubt be looking for the right panel to pair it with, fortunately, the best TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X is far less arduous to track down than the console itself.