Ubisoft + also on PS5 and PS4? Here is Ubisoft's answer

Ubisoft + also on PS5 and PS4? Here is Ubisoft's answer

Will Ubisoft + ever arrive on PS5 and PS4? This is the question that many users have begun to ask themselves after yesterday the arrival of the service on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One was announced. The answer, albeit not exhaustive, came from a Ubisoft spokesperson who has not confirmed, but not even ruled out a priori, the possible arrival of the service on Sony consoles.

The PushSquare editorial team has in fact contacted Ubisoft to ask if the service will also arrive on PS5 and PS4. The response from the French publisher's spokesperson was "we have nothing to share at the moment with regards to other platforms".

Ubisoft +, the logo of the French publisher's service For those unfamiliar with it, Ubisoft + is a service that allows you to download all the publisher's titles from day one at a cost of € 14.99 per month for subscription. At the moment the platform is only available on PC, but in the course of 2022 it will also arrive on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. More details in this regard will be revealed in the future, but we already know that the service will not be integrated into the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

In short, according to the statements of the French publisher's spokesperson, apparently there is no they are currently planning to bring Ubisoft + to PS5 and PS4 as well. However, things may change in the future. After all, EA Play, EA's subscription service that has some features in common with that of Ubisoft, has also arrived on PlayStation platforms after the Xbox ones, although it was necessary to wait a while.

What do you think, will you enjoy the advantages of Ubisoft + on PS5 and PS4? Please let us know in the comments.

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