Halo Infinite: trailer announces the Cyber ​​Showdown event, starting next week

Halo Infinite: trailer announces the Cyber ​​Showdown event, starting next week

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite multiplayer players will be able to battle it out in new playlists and get customization items next week. With a teaser trailer, 343 Industris has in fact announced Cyber ​​Showdown, a new cyberpunk themed event that will begin in a few days.

To be precise, the dances will open on Tuesday 18 January at 18:00 Italian time. In addition to the presentation teaser trailer, which you can see in the player above and shows a helmet with a stylish Mohican crest made of LEDs, 343 Industries has not shared any particular details on the event.

In this sense, for luckily, the dataminers are meeting us, who according to the data extrapolated from the game state that Cyber ​​Showdown will be available until January 31 and will introduce two new modes: Attrition and King of the Hill. The rewards of the event, including the helmet from the trailer, have apparently already been revealed and should be those depicted in the tweet below:

Staying on the subject, did you know that a speedrunner was able to complete Halo Infinite on Legendary without firing a single shot?

Did you notice any errors?

‘Halo Infinite’ Is Making Its Microtransaction Store Less Bad

Halo Infinite


As part of Halo Infinite multiplayer’s effort to fix everything about itself that isn’t actual gameplay, 343 has announced that major changes will be coming to the much-derided microtransaction store in the game.

Head of Design at 343, Jerry Hook, posted a thread about changes that will arrive as soon as next week, and experiments with the shop that will continue after that:

So, the changes appear to be:

  • Lower prices generally
  • More things inside bundles
  • More individual items available outside of bundles
  • This is coming ahead of the Cyber Showdown event which begins next week right when these store changes should take effect at reset, so whatever cosmetics are planned for that event in the store should probably be cheaper than what we got in the Fracture: Tenrai event.

    Players have been complaining about the Halo Infinite store since launch, saying that prices were far too high for what was being offered, though admittedly, many were comparable to other games that sell premium skins like Fortnite. I think a lot of this pushback is how restrictive a lot of the cosmetics are in Halo Infinite’s armor core system, which is something rather fundamental to the game that cannot be changed without a serious amount of work. The ability to buy more individual items doesn’t really matter much if those items continue to only be applicable to say, a single core.

    The most recent, prominent store-related controversy was the introduction of a new voice AI, Mister Chief, based on a popular meme from back in the day, which was in a bundle that cost $20. It’s not yet clear just how much prices are coming down but honestly, that’s not a move we see all that often across most games.

    One other problem with Halo Infinite is that there are effectively zero ways to earn store currency to purchase items, which is not true in games like Fortnite or Destiny, which may have high prices, but also have paths for players periodically earn V-bucks or Bright Dust to be used in the cash shop. So that may be something they need to consider down the road as well.

    Many of these changes will go live this week with the Cyber Showdown event, but it’s clear that others will take more time to rollout, so it will be good to keep an eye on the shop every week going forward to see what new things they’re trying in order to create a better experience. And if it doesn’t work, it’s clear they respond pretty well to fan feedback, and further changes could be on the way.

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