GTA Trilogy: despite the problems, have sales convinced Take-Two?

GTA Trilogy: despite the problems, have sales convinced Take-Two?

GTA Trilogy

A few months ago we saw the announcement and then the launch of the GTA Trilogy: a package comprising the three chapters of the PlayStation 2 era of the Grand Theft Auto saga. From the very first moments, however, this remastered collection has little convinced the fans, who have found themselves in their hands three titles full of problems and very annoying glitches. Now, despite these issues, how has the GTA trilogy fared in sales?

During a recent interview with the editors of CNBC, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick wanted to minimize some of the major problems that the recent GTA Trilogy was suffering from when it launched a few months ago. The highly sought-after remastered was released with a significant number of glitches that subsequently led to the temporary ban on PC game sales.

Despite these significant issues, Take-Two CEO said sales of the GTA Trilogy have been satisfactory for their company. “As for the GTA trilogy, it really wasn't new. That was a remaster of pre-existing titles. We had a number of technical problems in the beginning, but everything was fixed and the title went very well for the company ”.

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If you want to relive the three GTAs of the PlayStation 2 era, you can purchase your copy of the GTA Trilogy in physical format on Amazon at this address.

GTA Trilogy Did 'Great' For Take-Two Despite Launch Issues, CEO Says

Despite a string of issues at launch, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition did 'just great' for the company, according to Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick.

He told CNBC (via VGC) that, while the compilation package had 'a glitch in the beginning,' the teams resolved the issues and now 'the title has done just great for the company.'

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The GTA Trilogy was released in November in a state that fans were generally not happy about. Rockstar responded to the issues and released multiple patches, one of which included more than 100 fixes to improve performance and take aim at bugs.

Rockstar has not announced a specific sales number for the GTA Trilogy, but it was previously reported that if the game sold well, Rockstar might release a remaster of the original Red Dead Redemption.

Zelnick also spoke briefly about how Take-Two is making changes to its model to have steadier results when it comes to revenue. In the past, Take-Two's revenue would spike around the launch of a big new game and then come back down to earth. But thanks in part to GTA Online and other titles that make up Take-Two's 'recurring revenue,' that's less of an issue. And Take-Two is now even further diversified thanks to its planned acquisition of mobile game giant Zynga.

'Unquestionably, we expect our earnings to be less episodic,' Zelnick said. 'This will give us a larger, more diversified financial and creative footprint. And we think that'll benefit shareholders. We have an amazing pipeline going forward. Zynga has an incredible pipeline going forward. And together, we think we can do a whole lot more than what's already been announced.'

Take-Two has said there is a 'clear path' for releasing its console and PC games on mobile going forward thanks to its partnership with Zynga, but no new games have been announced yet.

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