Xbox Series X | S: Game Pass does not sell consoles in Japan

Xbox Series X | S: Game Pass does not sell consoles in Japan

Xbox Series X | S

We often talk about how the sales of Xbox Series X | S are conveyed by the Game Pass, between those who think that consoles are simply a means to use the service and those who instead think that their very existence is useless as it is possible to play with Xbox Game Pass also in the cloud or from PC. The debates are always very active in this sense, with the question becoming more and more subjective, but what has happened in the last few hours is really noteworthy.

A Twitter account explains that a Japanese retailer, the Geo chain, has decided to stop selling Xbox Series X | S due to the presence of Xbox Game Pass. More specifically, the user says that "the Japanese chain of gaming stores Geo has stopped selling Xbox consoles. Now probably the only two ways to get an Xbox in Japan are the Yodobashi Camera chain or through Amazon. This is caused by Game Pass, as owning an Xbox console is no longer required. ”

The chain would therefore be on the side of those who believe in the uselessness of consoles, choosing to stop selling Xbox Series X | S precisely because they were realizing that more and more users were playing in the cloud or on their PC. In any case, ceasing the sale of such an important gaming platform is a very important stance, which highlights the ever-diminishing importance of Microsoft in Japanese territory. The user specifies in another tweet that the news he has given does not have the purpose of creating any console war, but he simply wanted to share a fact that is relevant to him.

Japanese game shop chain Geo has stopped selling Xbox consoles . Now probably the only two ways to get an Xbox in Japan is either Yodobashi Camera or Amazon.

This is a consequence of Game Pass, since now owing an Xbox console is not needed anymore.

- マ ノ ロ Ruiz (@_manoloruiz_) October 3, 2021

In fact, among the comments many people point out that, according to them, the presence of a physical console is still important, even with a service like Xbox Game Pass. How do you think? Please let us know by commenting at the bottom and stay tuned to our pages so as not to miss any updates on the issue. Don't forget that 6 games will shortly be released from the service catalog in mid-October 2021.

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Xbox Series X | S

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