Elden Ring: three spoiler videos show us new creatures hidden in the Beta

Elden Ring: three spoiler videos show us new creatures hidden in the Beta

Elden Ring

YouTuber Xolara has shared new videos dedicated to Elden Ring, taking advantage of the Beta version of the game. In the Network test of FromSoftware's game there were creatures, such as "the tower animal" you see above, but they have been deactivated in the version given to the players. As always, remember not to watch the videos unless you want to suffer some kind of anticipation / spoilers about the game.

The tower animal, as it is defined in the video, is similar to a creature shown in the Elden trailers. Ring. It is a tower with legs, which moves. The video shows her inside the swamp of the Network Test, one of the first play areas.

The second video, which you can see below, is dedicated to Melina. As indicated by the description, Melina (who serves as an intermediary to level up the checkpoints) is also a boss of the game. In the video she is replaced with one of the first bosses encountered in the open world, but her moves and dialogue are not working properly.

Next, we find a kind of weird skeletal, deformed, being with a skeleton from bird. The video indicates that there is no information about it. The model found in the game can't even be hit.

Elden Ring is coming on February 25, 2022 and promotional campaigns are starting, but the EBGames chain must destroy the game's promotional stands, that's why.

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Elden Ring’s End-Credits Have Leaked Online

Elden Ring

Credit: FromSoftware

Behold, oh thou foul Tarnished ones, the leaked end-credits to Elden Ring:

It’s a funny thing to see leaked, if we’re being honest, and also full of spoilers. If you don’t want character names and bosses to be spoiled going into the FromSoftware game many are calling Dark Soul 4, you should not watch these leaked end-credits.

You should wait until February 25th to journey to the Lands Between yourself. You can uncover the lore and history of this strange, forlorn world—created by Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin and Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki—without the encumbrance of foreknowledge.

Elden Ring is easily my most-anticipated game of 2022, so I’ll be passing on actually watching the above video and will save the end-credits for where they belong: At the end of a game I aim to beat sometime in March.

But you should feel free to watch if your rotten, wasted heart desires, Tarnished One.

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