Atomic Heart, new images for the Soviet Bioshock-style FPS

Atomic Heart, new images for the Soviet Bioshock-style FPS

Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart, Mundfish's first-person shooter reminiscent of Bioshock's style but in a "Soviet" key, is the protagonist of new images shared on Twitter by content creator Jamie Moran.

The new shots show some of the locations that we will visit during the game, including a gruesome underground tunnel with conspicuous bloodstains and the unfriendly drones that guard them.

Atomic Heart is a first person shooter set in a Soviet-style alternate universe. As a special agent of the KGB, we will have to complete a difficult mission on behalf of the government. The game will have a linear structure, but the player's choices will heavily affect the ending.

Atomic Heart is currently in development for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and Xbox One but has not yet an official release date, with the hope of learning more during this year's course. On the other hand, we know that on day-one the game will be included in the Xbox Game Pass catalog and that a second chapter has already been confirmed.

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