Black Myth: Wukong, a video diary with cats in motion capture

Black Myth: Wukong, a video diary with cats in motion capture

Black Myth

Black Myth: Wukong returns to show itself in video, this time with a clearly playful behind-the-scenes tone in which the development team, played by some actors, talks about using cats for motion capture.

Let's talk in short, to all intents and purposes a parody that the Game Science guys had the idea of ​​creating in conjunction with the Chinese New Year to joke about the current difficulties of the studio, which is really struggling with motion capture but is not having pleasant moments in an attempt to make it work properly.

In the latest preview of Black Myth: Wukong we talked about how this interesting soulslike promises very well, both on a technical and artistic level as well as on that of the gameplay.

In short, expectations are high, cats or not, but we still need to have some patience considering that Game Science is still hiring staff for development and that the game will not be released. à before 2023.

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Black Myth Developers Release “Progress” Video Featuring A Whole Lot of Cats

Come for Black Myth, stay for the cats.

Game Science - Black Myth

Game Science, the developers behind the highly-anticipated action RPG Black Myth: Wukong, just released a 13-minute video that may not reveal any new information about the game but is well worth a watch.

The video is filmed in a mockumentary style, taking notes from the likes of The Office and Parks and Recreation. It begins by telling the story of how Game Science had issues with using motion capture, unsure of how to create four-legged creatures within the game. As the studio seems to be on the brink of bankruptcy with the purchase of an expensive new studio that is virtually unusable, Game Science enlists the help of some furry friends: cats. Lots and lots of cats.

It’s important to remember that as the disclaimer says, this video is a work of fiction and not indicative of the studio’s progress on Black Myth. Check out the quirky and adorable video below:

Game Science released the heartwarming video to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year, the year of the Tiger, or cats in this case. Titled “An Alternate Reality of Game Science,” the featurette goes on to discuss the difficulty of using cats who are “never truly domesticated.” The cats in the video are fitted with tiny motion capture suits and seem to have free roam of the studio. The problems that the cats create, being naturally uninterested in taking direction, lead to a look at a comedically glitchy game demonstration. Game Science is eventually seen shutting down with its empty offices being turned into a restaurant.

This “Alternate Reality of Game Science” is apparently a bit of an inside joke at the studio as the developers actually did attempt to use cats for motion capture at one point. While the real Game science quickly abandoned that idea, the new video shows what could’ve happened if they had continued using cats.

The video ends with a word to those anxiously awaiting news on Black Myth, “You came in hoping to see the game. We are working hard on the same. Alas, a bit more patience, if you will. Well worth the wait, is the thrill.”