Has Final Fantasy 16 postponed the announcement of a new PS5 game from Square Enix?

Has Final Fantasy 16 postponed the announcement of a new PS5 game from Square Enix?

It seems that the move of the presentation of Final Fantasy 16 to the spring of 2022 has also postponed the announcement of a new PS5 game by Square Enix, probably an exclusive for the Sony console, to prevent the two titles from overlapping. , according to a VGC reporter.

Jordan Middler, who collaborates with VGC, has spoken several times on the ResetEra forum to talk about the allegedly wide-ranging collaboration that is taking place between Sony and Square Enix : commenting on the arrival of Ubisoft + on Xbox and therefore the rapprochement between the companies in question, he reported that, conversely, Sony seems to have come very close to Square Enix, reporting that there are also other Square Enix games in exclusive time coming .

Among the initiatives there would also be a game perhaps in total console exclusive for PS5 (but probably also coming to PC), not yet announced and which should have been pr exempted in recent months, but everything will probably be moved towards the second half of 2022 or beyond, considering that Square Enix has no intention of overshadowing it with Final Fantasy 16, which is currently the main product to be launched in the year.

Final Fantasy 16 seems to be the absolute focus of Square Enix for 2022 To tell the truth there would also be Forspoken, but Middler seems to have somewhat neglected it in this evaluation: according to the journalist, the new mysterious game "had to already it was announced at this point "but it remained secret because" it could potentially take away some visibility of Final Fantasy 16, which is the main focus at the moment ".

According to the same source, the new title would not be a Dragon Quest, which therefore excludes the new Dragon Quest 12: The Flames of Fate and it would not even be a new Final Fantasy or a Kingdom Hearts chapter.

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