Intel warns about overclocking "non-K" Alder Lake CPUs

Intel warns about overclocking non-K Alder Lake CPUs

Surely the possibility of overclocking Intel Alder Lake processors of the "non-K" series will have captured the interest of many, especially since it is an option not previously offered by the Santa Clara giant. However, Intel made it clear that overclocking non-K CPUs is not covered under warranty and can cause damage to the processor and associated PC components. Here is the full company statement:

Intel's 12th generation non-K processors were not designed for overclocking. Intel does not guarantee that processors will function beyond their specifications. Altering the clock frequency or voltage can damage or shorten the useful life of the processor and other system components and can reduce system stability and performance.

Just yesterday, we reported that an overclocker has brought the Core i5-12490F, a model available only on the Chinese market, to 5.7GHz by modifying the BCLK and significantly increasing the Vcore value. Also, a little over a week ago, the well-known der8auer had released a movie in which he explained in more detail how to overclock on Alder Lake non-K CPUs.

It seems that the BCLK functionality unlocked for the CPUs non-K arose from an Intel microcode error. Considering Intel's past of closing such loopholes, this option is likely to be removed via a future BIOS update on cards where it is currently available.

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