Horizon Forbidden West: new images taken from the PS4 Pro of the game by Guerrilla Games

Horizon Forbidden West: new images taken from the PS4 Pro of the game by Guerrilla Games

Horizon Forbidden West

Guerrilla Games has shared new images of Horizon Forbidden West taken from PS4 Pro, therefore of the "enhanced" old gen version of the game, which allows us to get a further taste of what the game looks like on the old Sony flagship.

Just a few minutes ago, Guerrilla Games announced that Horizon Forbidden West has officially entered the gold phase. To celebrate, it has released a short gameplay video and four new gameplay shots taken from PS4 Pro, showing some of the game's locations, enemies, mounts and armor.

The screenshots feature high-quality detail, especially if we think that the reference console in this case has almost six years of honorable career behind it.

We are still talking about a handful of images, taken among other things to perfection, which therefore are absolutely not enough to be able to get a general idea of ​​how Horizon Forbidden West will behave on PS4 Pro, what that we will only be able to ascertain when in-depth analyzes of the old and next-gen versions of the game are available.

We remind you that Horizon: Forbidden West will be available exclusively for PS5 and PS4 starting February 18, 2022.

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Sony shows what Horizon Forbidden West will look like on PS4

In a blog post announcing that Horizion Forbidden West has gone gold (see video below), developer Guerrilla shared more footage of the game in action on both last and current-gen consoles.

We have some exciting news for your all: Horizon Forbidden West has gone GOLD! ✨#HorizonForbiddenWest #RiseAboveOurRuin pic.twitter.com/oRHDtDlxTI

— Guerrilla (@Guerrilla) January 27, 2022

Horizon Forbidden West, which is set to launch on February 18, will bring players on Aloy’s journey into the unexplored areas of an America taken over by massive robotic dinosaurs and animals. Previous trailers for the game have shown off its new traversal mechanics, with players able to clamber around the wilds and ruins alike via grappling hook and a new paraglider.

Today’s blog post, however, focuses on the game’s performance across PlayStation consoles. While the game’s performance on the PS5 wasn’t in question, how it will run on the base PS4 and PS4 Pro has been. Showing performance on the latter, it doesn’t seem like PS4 Pro owners will be losing too much of the experience. The game will, naturally, run at a lower frame rate, but between a slow shot of Aloy walking through a town and another of her in a fight against a Clamberjaw, the game seems to be running smoothly.

One final clip included in today’s post shows a full combat encounter, also captured on PS4 Pro. It’s a much more demanding scene, with Aloy firing an arrow at an enemy as it leaps over her. The fire and particle effects here are demanding, and likely where players would see some dips in fram erate. While the game seems to be running smoothly, we won’t know how it actually performs on last-gen consoles until it launches.

Sony has already confirmed that another Horizon game is on the way after Forbidden West. Titled Horizon Call of the Mountain, the game will be developed by both Guerrilla and Firesprite, a studio Sony acquired last year. The game will be exclusive to the platform’s next-gen VR headset, the PlayStation VR2.

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