Horizon Forbidden West: Story trailer, new images and key art from Sony

Horizon Forbidden West: Story trailer, new images and key art from Sony

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is shown with an engaging story trailer, but also with some unpublished images and key art: content just published by Sony and Guerrilla Games on the PlayStation Blog.

Horizon Forbidden West will be released on February 18th. will bring an all-new adventure to PS5 and PS4 for Aloy as she searches for the source of a terrible red plague that threatens to destroy the world of the future.

"When she crosses the borders of the Forbidden West, Aloy will not she will have to face these dangers alone: ​​she will be accompanied by allies old and new, including faithful friends like Varl and Erend but also new entries like Zo, Alva and Kotallo ", reads the post of the narrative director Ben McCaw.

Horizon Forbidden West, the key art "Today we are proud to present our new story trailer, which offers an exciting taste of what is in store for Aloy and her friends as they try to venture into the Forbidden West."

"We are also excited to show you our new key art, which puts Aloy's team at odds with Regalla and his rebels, as well as some of the most dangerous Machines the West has to offer. "

" Also pictured are present Sylens, Hekarro, chief of the Tenakth tribe, and Tilda, a new and mysterious character who possesses a special connection with previous civilizations. "

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Horizon Forbidden West Story Trailer Revealed, As Black Panther And Matrix Stars Confirmed For The Cast

With only a few more weeks to go before it arrives, Sony has released a new trailer for Horizon Forbidden West. Unlike the other trailers that focused on tribes, hostile mechanical wildlife, and robots with impressive swimming skills, the latest trailer focuses on just what spurs Aloy to embark on a new adventure and the dangers that lie hidden in the sinister landscape of Forbidden West.

As detailed in the trailer above, a strange blight has begun sweeping across the world and killing off all life. Machines have begun to grow more aggressive towards humans, and the key to saving the world lies in the Forbidden West. Aloy will have to explore this unknown region, and in the process, she'll encounter Regalla. Described as a warrior who 'seeks to slaughter all those who have wronged her' and 'will kill anyone who gets in her way,' Regalla is voiced by Angela Bassett and will battle Aloy throughout the course of the game.

Horizon Forbidden WestHorizon Forbidden West


The real twist in the trailer though is that Horizon Zero Dawn's nomadic researcher Sylens has returned, and is pulling several strings behind the scenes. Aloy won't be alone in her quest though, as her allies Erend and Varl will lend her a hand from time to time. Other new faces include Tenakth tribe warrior Kotallo, the curious explorer Alva who hails from an unknown tribe, and the Utaru tribe's Zo. Lastly, the trailer confirms that artificial intelligence GAIA will also return, while another new character by the name of Tilda will be brought to life by The Matrix's Carrie-Anne Moss.

Horizon Forbidden West launches on PS5 and PS4 on February 18, and even though an early and almost complete build of the game has leaked, Sony has managed to squash most spoilers so far that have cropped up on social media websites. Beyond the sequel, virtual reality fans can also look forward to Horizon Call of the Mountain when it eventually arrives on PlayStation VR2.

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