El Salvador responds to criticism of Bitcoin City

El Salvador responds to criticism of Bitcoin City

A few days ago a professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University had commented on Twitter on the plans of the government of El Salvador to create a Bitcoin city, claiming that the advertised energy source for the city is an "inactive volcano". He wrote: “The Bitcoin City proposal is prepared like Florida for snow. The advertised energy source for the city is an inactive volcano. This is just another attention grabbing antic from a narcissistic president who is full of hot air. "

President Nayib Bukele, obviously not impressed, quoted Hanke's tweet and stressed the economist's lack of knowledge on the subject. Bukele tweeted a few questions to Hanke, in response to his comment. While admitting to having stated that it is an active volcano in advertising, President Bukele then sarcastically asked how it would be possible to build a city right under an active volcano.

Credit: Pixabay

It is Interestingly, this isn't the first time the two have publicly clashed. On October 15, the day the price of Bitcoin (BTC) crossed the $ 60,000 mark, President Nayib Bukele taunted applied economics professor Steve Hanke for his warning statements prior to that period.

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