Tesla Model Y with structural battery, we're almost there

Tesla Model Y with structural battery, we're almost there

Tesla Model Y with structural battery

For several weeks now we have been talking about the new Tesla Model Y, the first Tesla built with a structural battery pack integral with the entire body of the vehicle; Towards the end of 2021 Tesla had declared that it wanted to start production of this new Model Y before the end of the year, but as often happens in the automotive field, the times are lengthened, and production will hardly start before February 2022.

In the meantime Tesla is preparing for this important change, and it has done so - among other things - by updating the user manual of the Tesla Model Y. It is a small detail that confirms a radical change: the new 4680 type batteries will be installed in a single block capable of performing a structural function, becoming one with the car chassis. The new user manual released by Tesla underlines the technical difference between the "old" Model Y produced in the Fremont factory, and this new model which will instead see the light in the new Gigfactory in Austin, Texas. As for the user experience, little or nothing should change, but Tesla warns that due to this technical difference, the points of the car in which to place the jack to lift the car off the ground have changed, as you can see in the image that we report below.

It is not clear if and how the user should know if his Model Y is new or old; the difference in the battery pack should also affect the range of the car, but for the moment Tesla has not provided data on this difference, nor has it updated its online configurator. However, there have already been several sightings of new Model Y structures at the Gigafactory in Austin, so we can assume that the start of assembly line production is absolutely imminent - some speak of less than 2 weeks, but as of today there are no confirmations.

Tesla adds structural battery pack reference to Model Y owner’s manual as production is imminent

Tesla has added a reference to the structural battery pack to the Model Y owner’s manual as production is expected to be imminent.

While Tesla has missed its goal to start Model Y production at Gigafactory Texas by the end of the year, we have seen several indications that production is imminent. Now, we get yet another.

Tesla has updated the US version of the Model Y owner’s manual and it includes a reference to the structural battery pack. The structural battery pack is expected to be the biggest difference in the Model Y to be produced at Gigafactory Texas versus the current version from Fremont factory.

Instead of several battery modules put together in a battery pack, Tesla plans to use its new 4680 cells in a single block to create a battery pack with structural integrity that becomes a part of the vehicle’s body.

It shouldn’t have a major impact on the owner’s experience, but Tesla updated the owner’s manual regarding the jacking procedure since the lift points are different:

The update to the owner’s manual would indicate that Tesla is getting ready to deliver the new version to customers.

It’s still not clear if or how Model Y buyers in North America are going to know that they are going to get a new Model Y from Austin or the older version from Fremont before taking delivery. Since the battery pack affects efficiency, it is expected to have slightly different specs than the Fremont version, but Tesla has yet to update the configurator. Tesla is also going to need regulatory approval to deliver those vehicles to customers.

Last month, a Model Y body made for a structural battery pack was spotted at Gigafactory Texas.

There have been rumors that Tesla is preparing to start Model Y production at the factory within the next 2 weeks, but it’s still unconfirmed.

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