FIFA 22: the eSerie A TIM Fan Cup is born, a tournament open to all players

FIFA 22: the eSerie A TIM Fan Cup is born, a tournament open to all players


With a post on the PlayStation Blog, Sony presented the eSerie A TIM Fan Cup, the FIFA 22 tournament open to all, fans and fans that will take place on both PS4 and PS5</a> and with various prizes up for grabs.

The competition will start in a few hours, with the tournament on PS4 opening its doors tomorrow, February 1, 2022, with Cup 1 and will continue with 5 other competitions: the kick-off of Cup 2 is scheduled for the 'February 8; the third appointment will be held on February 26, the Cup 4 on March 1; Cup 5 on March 15th and finally Cup 6 is dated March 19th.

The FIFA 22 tournament on PS5, on the other hand, includes 4 total Cups that will be held every week starting from February with the following dates: Cup 1 on February 2, Cup 2 on February 27, Cup 3 on March 2 and finally Cup 4 on March 20.

FIFA 22 Both finals of the eSerie A TIM Fan Cup will see the 32 best players of each tournament compete against each other on March 26. Up for grabs are several prizes, which we have listed below:

The winner of each tournament will be able to experience a live experience at the Final Eight of the FIFA 22 eSeria A TIM. classified in each final will win a 12-month Playstation Plus subscription. The third place winner of each final will win a 3-month PS Plus subscription. The fourth place winner of each final will win a 1 month PS Plus subscription.

If you are interested you can read the complete rules and subscribe to the eSerie A TIM Fan Cup of FIFA 22 at this address.

The eSerie A TIM is the official export competition of the Serie A League which takes place is playing on FIFA 22. geekinco is the official media partner of the competition and will support the eSerie A TIM in all its phases with exclusive content designed specifically for fans of virtual football and in particular of the EA Sports game.

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FIFA 22: Everything you need to know about FUT Future Stars

How do you follow a promo like Team of the Year? For EA Sports over the last couple of years, the answer has been a total change of pace with FUT Future Stars. This is an unusual promo in that it envisages what current young players could be like one day in Ultimate Team if they fulfil their potential. The result is a high-rated group of players who probably haven’t made it into a single promo team to date in FIFA 22, the odd Team of the Week excepted. Here’s everything you need to know about FUT Future Stars.

What is FUT Future Stars and when is it?

FUT Future Stars is exactly what it sounds like: EA picks a bunch of up and coming players from around world football and designs cards for them that they might one day have in a FIFA game if they continue to grow into their potential. For example, Liverpool’s Curtis Jones was a 64-rated bronze card in the last game, but his Future Stars SBC card was an 88-rated midfield monster. EA drops two squads of players, one per week, and a bunch of SBCs and Objectives that allow you to add Future Stars to your squad.

FUT Future Stars will begin straight after Team of the Year concludes, with Future Stars Team 1 in packs starting Friday, February 4 at 6pm GMT. Team 2 will then follow on February 11 at the same time. This year, EA has made a habit of dropping a ‘mini release’ on each Sunday of a promo, too, adding a few more players into packs, so expect a few extras to be announced on the two weekends of the promo.

<a href="">FIFA 22 FUT</a> Future StarsFIFA 22. Credit: EA SportsWho will be in FUT Future Stars teams

EA very rarely announces content in advance, but this year FUT Future Stars will include a Swaps Token system that has been launched in advance, so we already know the precise timings and a few of the players. Thanks to leaks, we also know who we can expect to see in Teams 1 and 2. We will refrain from spoiling the entire promo, but if you want the full teams, just look up FutSheriff on Twitter. Here are some of the most exciting players who are confirmed to appear in FUT Future Stars:

  • Aurélien Tchouaméni (Monaco, France)
  • Dušan Vlahović (Juventus, Serbia)
  • Jude Bellingham (Borussia Dortmund, England)
  • Pedri (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Ryan Gravenberch (Ajax, Netherlands)
  • Maxence Lacroix (Wolfsburg, France)
  • Emile Smith Rowe (Arsenal, England)
  • Some of those players are having breakout seasons, while others are young but becoming more established. Obviously there will be many more, drawn from the ranks of pure talent still working its way through the system. It’s interesting to look back at the previous year’s Future Stars, which included the likes of Dejan Kulusevski, Alexander Isak, Sergino Dest and Harvey Barnes, all of whom have flourished as the predictions suggested.

    FIFA 22 FUT Future StarsFIFA 22. Credit: EA SportsFuture Stars Swaps Tokens, Objectives and SBCs

    In addition to the two squads of players in packs, EA is likely to add new unlockable ‘Objective’ players to the game as well as Squad Building Challenges for additional players and unique packs. Swaps Tokens will also be available to earn and exchange for specific rewards throughout the promotion, so look out for ways to earn those.

    Tokens are perhaps the most interesting part, in fact. They were very popular during Winter Wildcards, allowing committed players to unlock extra pack rewards, exclusive players and even the odd kit. Their inclusion with FUT Future Stars suggests they will be back again more often now. EA has already released a list of Swaps Token rewards, which include Future Stars Jeremie Frimpong and Connor Gallagher player cards, a mix of fodder packs, and even a 3x FUT Future Stars Team 1 player pick.

    Last year’s Objective players were particularly interesting because they were essentially upgradeable. The initial version of Jesus Reinier, for example, was a 78-rated CF who was easy to obtain, and players could then unlock 82, 85 and finally 87-rated versions of Reinier by completing objectives in Live FUT Friendlies mode. A similar card for Marc Cucurella even included position changes, with left-back and left midfield versions available. We could see the same kind of scaling objective again for EA’s picks in FIFA 22.

    SBC players could also be strong for Future Stars. Last year most of the player SBCs provided a choice between two versions in different positions — something EA has done for other promos already this cycle — with the Future Stars Curtis Jones card in particular a standout choice that made it into a lot of teams long term.

    It would also not be surprising to see the return of the ‘Party Bag’ SBCs or even a ‘Guaranteed Future Stars’ SBC. EA was still using Party Bags during Future Stars last year, but these have been scaled back in FIFA 22 and remain pretty ropey in terms of the potential return on investment. ‘Guaranteed’ SBCs started coming thick and fast with the subsequent promo, ‘What If’, but perhaps EA will bring them forward this year.

    FIFA 22 FUT Future StarsFIFA 22. Credit: EA Sports

    EA loves player picks too, of course, and a sort of hybrid party bag player pick might be fun to see. You weren’t saving that fodder for anything anyway, were you?

    Tokens are perhaps the most interesting part. They were very popular during Winter Wildcards, allowing committed players to unlock extra pack rewards, exclusive players and even the odd kit. Their inclusion with FUT Future Stars suggests they will be back again more often now.

    Lightning rounds and trading opportunities

    Naturally EA will want to make some more money off the back of Future Stars. They may have already drained our bank accounts for Team of the Year, but that won’t stop them laying on more lightning rounds of high-end pack sales during the next promo.

    Recently EA has been adding new pack types to the traditional lightning round calendar, including the 85+ Star Player Pack and the 86+ version. Both provide six rare gold cards with a guaranteed 85+ or 86+ main card respectively, and the pack odds for these were among the best during Team of the Year. That didn’t count for much given the incredible rarity of TOTY cards, but for a more accessible promo like Future Stars, it should offer good opportunities to get your hands on at least one of the low- to mid-tier additions.

    Rather than lining EA’s coffers, though, you might prefer to feather your own virtual nest by dabbling in some opportune trading. Every promo creates moments of heavy supply, which lower the prices of fodder cards temporarily, so our advice — if you have the patience for it — would always be to sit on your apps and console transfer markets sniping those in-demand fodder cards. Do it whenever lightning rounds are fresh out of the blocks and supply hots up.

    Buying up a bunch of 87-rated rare golds at cheap prices and then flipping them half an hour later is always a good way to top up the coin balance. Mass bidding on 84s is also a good tactic, as those are packed most frequently and will often slip through at low bid prices an hour after a lightning round has commenced when hundreds of auctions end simultaneously.

    You can get Future Stars Team 1 in packs starting Friday, February 4 at 6pm GMT