Pandemic removed from digital stores at the request of the publisher

Pandemic removed from digital stores at the request of the publisher

Pandemic, a digital version of the board game, is no longer available for purchase from Steam, the App Store and Google Play. The publisher, Asmodee has in fact asked for its removal from digital stores, which took place in general silence. Consider that the game was taken off sale on Steam on January 6, but the news is only now starting to circulate.

Actually, if it were not for the Steam page of the game, where it is reported that it is not possible to buy it at the request of the publisher, nothing would have been known. After all, there are many games that are removed from digital stores without too much hype, so few would have noticed.

Pandemic will also be removed from the Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass at the end of January 2022, while it will be eliminated from Nintendo eShop at the end of July 2022.

As the matter emerged, Asmodee wrote a letter to PC Gamer in which he explained the situation, without actually explaining anything. Meanwhile, he thanked the players for their support, then stated that the removal took place following several evaluations, which however cannot be discussed publicly.

The references to the game have also been removed from the Asmodee Digital website.

What could have happened? Hard to say, without further information. Does it depend on the new ownership of the publisher, ie Embracer Group?

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