Pentiment: Obsidian Entertainment is looking for a 2D animator in Unity for Josh Sawyer's game

Pentiment: Obsidian Entertainment is looking for a 2D animator in Unity for Josh Sawyer's game


Obsidian Entertainemnt, the studio of the Pillars of Eternity, as well as countless other titles, is looking for a 2D animator in Unity, probably to work on Pentiment, the code name that hides Josh Sawyer's new game. He himself shared the announcement, making it clear that he was directly interested in the professional figure in question.

The chosen one will have to create 2D animations for stylized characters, create characters in Unity using the Spine software, debug animation problems in the engine and work with other developers to create a pipeline that leads to have quality animations in the game.

The announcement itself does not give much insight into what awaits us in Pentiment, assuming it is Pentiment. The fact that it uses Unity, and not the Unreal Engine like other Obsidian titles, such as Avowed, and the fact that it is 2D suggests that it could be a Pillars of Eternity RPG, but the end result could be completely different.

Rumors want Pentiment to be an investigative role-playing game, but there are no official details about it. In reality all we know is that Sawyer is working on a new game.

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