Disney Plus has changed the order of the Marvel movies: Black Widow and Black Panther reverse

Disney Plus has changed the order of the Marvel movies: Black Widow and Black Panther reverse

Disney Plus has changed the order of the Marvel movies

Disney Plus has changed the order of the Marvel movies. Precisely, Black Widow and Black Panther have been reversed. This is a minor change, but for some fans of the saga it could be important.

Disney Plus, as reported by the source, offers a list of Marvel films in chronological narrative order. Now, Black Panther is placed after Black Widow. Both films are positioned between Captain America Civil War and Avengers Infinity War. According to Disney Plus, Black Panther ends later than Black Widow.

Black Panther The truth is that the two films are practically contemporary and knowing in detail which one ends after the other makes virtually no difference. Furthermore, Black Widow came out four years after Black Panther, so it makes a lot more sense to see it later, also because it prepares for some events related to Hawkeye, the Marvel series of Disney Plus.

For Disney and Marvel, the problem the bigger the piracy, made easier by Disney Plus. For example, piracy caused $ 600 million in non-revenue for Disney with Black Widow.

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When is Spider-Man: No Way Home streaming on Disney Plus?

Spider-Man: No Way Home is heading into its fifth weekend, which should add more cash to its coffers. The film is the first pandemic release to top $1 billion at the box office, having just surpassed $1.53 billion. That’s hardly a surprise to anyone familiar with the massive No Way Home leaks and rumors that preceded the movie’s premiere. But not everyone will go to see the film in theaters, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage across the globe. Countless people are anxiously awaiting No Way Home‘s Disney Plus release. Not to mention all the fans who want to rewatch the MCU hit from home so they can pause and rewind the movie as often as they like.

The good news is that we already have dates for the No Way Home digital release. The bad news is that Disney Plus subscribers are in for a long wait.

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The Sony and Disney streaming deal

Back in mid-April 2021, Disney and Sony announced a multi-year content licensing deal for US streaming. This included TV rights to Sony’s new theatrical releases. The agreement covered all the Sony Pictures from 2022 to 2026 for films following the Pay 1 TV window.

At the time, we explained this isn’t necessarily great news for No Way Home fans. The distribution order for Sony films would follow a specific path: Theatrical launch, home video, and Netflix (Pay 1 window). Only then will Disney Plus and Hulu subscribers get the same Sony movies. That means a Sony movie will need about nine months to reach Disney Plus, which is the home of all MCU movies other than Spider-Man films.

Disney and Sony did not make any specific references to No Way Home when announcing the Disney Plus deal. But we all assumed that the deal was setting the stage for Spider-Man’s Disney Plus arrival.

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Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Spider-Man (Tom Holland) in No Way Home fight scene Image source: Sony

No Way Home Disney Plus release date

Fast-forward to mid-January 2022, and we already have the first release date estimates for No Way Home streaming. Unfortunately, you’re not going to see the latest Spider-Man on Disney Plus anytime soon. But hope isn’t all lost.

Per ComicBook, No Way Home will hit Starz and Netflix before reaching Disney Plus. That means No Way Home might not reach Disney Plus until some point in 2023.

Fandango’s Vudu revealed that No Way Home will be available on the platform in the coming weeks. There’s no release date for the No Way Home digital version, despite February 28th being mentioned in previous reports. But the digital release will precede the streaming window.

However, the digital No Way Home release is now available for preorder. According to Murphy’s Multiverse, preorders are live for the No Way Home SD, HDX, and 3K UHD versions. Each of them costs $19.99. You should also find the movie available for preorder on iTunes, Google Play, and the Microsoft Store.

Sony and Marvel have yet to make any official announcements about the No Way Home digital release. Once they release No Way Home streaming information, we might know how long it’ll take for Disney Plus to get it.

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