The Batman: Shared full first scene, shows the Riddler's trap

The Batman: Shared full first scene, shows the Riddler's trap

The Batman

A complete scene of The Batman, the new DC movie starring Robert Pattinson, who plays the Bat Man, was shared online, as an advertisement on YouTube and then reloaded on social media and on YT itself. You can see the video above.

In this video, we can see Bruce Wayne taking part in a funeral. At a certain point, however, shots and explosions are heard and it seems that the Riddler is in the church, at the top. Then, a car breaks into the church. The police, present at the function, react immediately and surround the vehicle. From it comes a man with a bomb tied to his body and a ringing cell phone. On his chest, however, there is an envelope addressed to Batman.

This is just a fragment of the film and the funeral scene of The Batman: the action stops at the most beautiful. For sure, this new scene allows us to see that the style of the film is dramatic, as we had already guessed from the previous trailer.

Finally, we also remind you that The Batman will last about three hours, thus approaching the length of Avengers Endgame. This is the film, among those dedicated only to Batman, the longest ever. The release date in Italy is March 3, 2022.

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Intense First Clip Released for THE BATMAN

The first clip from Matt Reeves’ The Batman has been released online, and it features an incredibly intense scene in which Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne doesn’t say a word. There are a lot of things going on and he’s just observing the situation and seems to be trying to piece things together in his head as the events play out.

This is actually a fantastic scene that offers us a great look at the type of vibe and tone that Reeves and his creative team created for this particular Batman story. I like it!

In the clip, Wayne is attending the funeral of a law enforcement or city official. He overhears a conversation that Detective Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) is having with another officer about the disappearance of another member of the department when all of a sudden that missing person is forced to drive through the church during the funeral with a message for Batman.

When recently talking about the film in an interview with MovieMaker, Reeves shared, 'I wanted to do a story in which the corruption of Gotham was one of the most important aspects of the story, because Gotham is a sick place. Bruce is desperate to try and make a change.”

When talking about the character Batman, he said, 'He's still stuck, to be honest, emotionally stunted at being 10 years old, because that's a trauma you don't get past—witnessing your parents murder in this place. He's looking to create meaning, right? This is the only meaning he can find. … I think he imagines that if he can do this, somehow he can reverse what's happened, which will never be reversed. This is a very human impulse, right? To try and relive something and remake it.'

Check out the clip below! The Batman will hit theaters on March 4th.