Epic Games Store: leak reveals in advance the free game of January 27, 2022

Epic Games Store: leak reveals in advance the free game of January 27, 2022

Epic Games Store

Today, January 20, 2022, we will have the opportunity to find out what will be the free game of the Epic Games Store next week. Already, however, a leaker has shared information on what will be the free game on January 27: Daemon X Machina.

The source of this rumor is billbil-kun, a well-known leaker who in recent months has correctly and in advance shared information about the free Christmas games of the Epic Games Store, as well as the monthly games of the PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold. In other words, it is an extremely reliable leaker, although obviously we must consider everything indicated only as an unconfirmed rumor and nothing more.

Daemon X Machina Daemon X Machina, we specify, is not currently available on Epic Games Store, but has been available on Steam for two years. It's nothing new that Epic Games is releasing a new game on their digital store and including it in their weekly free games right away, so we wouldn't be too surprised if that happens.

As we wrote in our review, "Daemon x Machina enters a narrow and empty niche of competition with personality and strategy, managing to create a non-trivial storyline and injecting action steroids into what ultimately remains an arcade mech with lots of numbers to study and play with. the interface of the menus could have been less cumbersome and chaotic, the customization of the mech gives satisfaction, as well as taking the pad in hand and accelerating by dancing in the air or on the ground, setting fire to the powders or in battles with the blade. Maybe a glossary. or encyclopedia to inquire about the setting would have been convenient, but hopefully it will be for the second episode. "

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The next free Epic Games Store game is Daemon X Machina, per reliable leaker

The next free Epic Games Store game is Daemon X Machina, being free to download and keep from 27th January. The leak comes ahead of the official unveil at 4PM today, when Relicta will replace the current free game Galactic Civilizations III.

The leak comes from a surprisingly reliable source, billbil-kun on French deals site Dealabs. They are now rather well known for getting the inside scoop on the monthly updates for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games With Gold, and have now apparently turned their attentions to spoiling Epic Games’ surprises as well.


Here’s the giveaways and how they will pan out over the next fortnight:

  • Galactic Civilizations III – Free until 4PM GMT 20th January (today!)
  • Relicta – Free from 4PM GMT 20th January until 4PM 27th January
  • Daemon X Machina – Free from 4PM GMT 27th January until 4PM GMT 3rd February
  • Daemon X Machina is not currently available for purchase on the Epic Games Store, but has been available on PC for the past two years via Steam.

    Before the PC port, Daemon X Machina was a Nintendo Switch exclusive, and a release that we said “sets the bar for robot action games” in our original review. We returned to the PC version to check out the enhancements it brought in 2020, and said:

    “If you never touched it before, you absolutely need to play this game no matter what platform you pick. For people who really live-or-die with the portability of Nintendo Switch games, you aren’t getting a massively inferior experience by sticking with the handheld. Playing on PC brings sharper resolution and a much more stable and smooth framerate, for sure, but none of it amounts to a night-and-day difference. Go with your heart and play the game on whichever machine speaks to you the most, because at the end of the day, you’re guaranteed to have a good time no matter how you play this game.”

    Of course, if your heart says “I’d like to play this game for free” instead of “I’d like to pay for it”, then you know where to look next week!

    Source: Dealabs