Xbox Game Pass: more transparency, refunds and stop automatic renewal if not used

Xbox Game Pass: more transparency, refunds and stop automatic renewal if not used

Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft is committed to following the guidelines imposed in particular by the United Kingdom, adapting some Xbox Game Pass options to the rules in force in Europe and the UK through some changes that concern, among other things, greater transparency, the possibility of refunds. for a single month and the stop to automatic renewal for dormant accounts.

This is an adjustment to the requests made, in particular, by the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority), for which Microsoft will modify various aspects of the agreements with users in the use of the service, with new options that will be applied on a global scale, as reported by the company.

Among the most interesting things is the block to automatic renewal for unused accounts: in the event that a user does not use the service for 12 months, he first receives a warning and then the block of automatic renewal, should it remain unused for a further 12 months. In addition, simpler and more precise procedures are envisaged for the reimbursement, even immediately after the renewal has been triggered and based on the payments made and the effective use of the service.

With a view to greater transparency, they are more precise and timely communications are foreseen on any price changes, specific costs and when these are charged. The changes should take place globally, that is, also in our country. Recently, Microsoft announced that Xbox Game Pass has surpassed 25 million subscribers to the service.

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