PlayStation VR 2: the PS5 headset will go into production shortly in China, analyst reveals

PlayStation VR 2: the PS5 headset will go into production shortly in China, analyst reveals

PlayStation VR 2

PlayStation VR 2, the new virtual reality headset for PS5 owners, will go into production shortly in China, according to an analyst who revealed which company will make the components.

According to Bloomberg Sony will launch PlayStation VR 2 in 2022, and these rumors would seem to support this hypothesis, with an official announcement that should therefore arrive shortly from the Japanese house.

The reason is soon said: exactly as happened for PlayStation 5, the start of mass production could lead to the real risk of leakage due to the impossibility of controlling all the employees along the production chain. Hence the need for an official reveal in a short time.

"Goertek, a Chinese company, will take care of the mass production of Meta Cambria and PlayStation VR 2, and this will happen very soon," he wrote the analyst Brad Lynch on Twitter, then adding a series of details on the other components made by the company.

According to some rumors that circulated months ago, the technical specifications of PlayStation VR 2 will be impressive, so let's talk about a viewer powerful and sophisticated, capable of creating high quality VR experiences.

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Manufacturing Tittle-Tattle Tips PSVR 2 to Enter Production Soon

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The word on the social media street is that the next-generation PSVR headset will go into production soon. Speculation stems from a Chinese supply chain source, who claims a company named Goertek has landed the contract. The firm previously partnered with PlayStation on its original virtual reality headset, and supplies components for the PlayStation 5 as well.

While the source is somewhat wishy-washy – we’ve been unable to independently verify the information for ourselves – Goertek is enjoying record share prices, partly due to its collaboration with Meta on the Quest 2 headset. This is despite ongoing semi-conductor shortages around the world, so the results are impressive.

The firm expects to post similar results in 2022, with one “major Japanese” partner expected to ship around “one to two million” next-generation VR headsets later this year. This is almost certainly referring to PlayStation, and gives us a rough indication of how many units the platform holder plans to prepare for launch.

It makes sense that the new PSVR headset would be getting ready for mass production if it is still targeting a release this year, so there isn’t really much substance to this story beyond things perhaps progressing as planned. We previously heard from development sources that a full reveal is scheduled for the start of this year, and that’s still the case as far as we’re aware.