New World: Indication of the beginning of the preload phase

New World: Indication of the beginning of the preload phase

New World

If everything goes according to plan, the starting shot for the online role-playing game New World will be given on September 28, 2021, i.e. next Tuesday after numerous postponements. Now it is also known when the preload of the game can start - at least most likely.

The Reddit user "ClaireHasashi" recently published a screenshot that, according to him, was an email from the development team Amazon Game Studios shows. This was apparently recently sent to all New World pre-orderers (buy now) to inform them of the preload phase. The text is in French, but the translation results in the following message:

"Great news! New World will be available for download from Monday, September 27th at 5:00 pm. Your credit card will be available at that time The New World servers will be open to players from Tuesday, September 28th. Thank you for your order. We can't wait to see you in Aeternum . "

At first there was only this one message on regarding the preload information. In the meantime, however, other users have confirmed that they have also received such an email. If the information is correct, you will have at least a few hours before the launch on September 28th to download the necessary files from New World.


New World devs have shared the MMORPG’s (huge) server worlds list

With the New World release date barrelling towards us, the devs at Amazon Games are rolling out information to help get players diving into Aeternum as soon as it arrives on September 28. The latest info drop has revealed the MMORPG’s world list, so we now have the full rundown of servers that’ll be available at launch – and there’s a whopping 170 or so of them.

If I’ve counted correctly, there’ll be around 176 worlds when the game arrives going by the Twitter graphic the devs have shared (below; minus one in the Central EU list, Lyonesse, which got included twice. Oops). It’s a handy bit of info so those planning to team up in guilds or bands can make their plans ahead of time, with the devs advising players to “coordinate with your friends to play New World on the same world for the official launch” in the tweet.

The breakdown of world allocations is as follows: North America East gets 54, North America West gets 22, Central Europe gets a whopping 63 (minus that duplication), South America gets 26, and Australia rounds the lists off with 11. So, get choosing.

Some fans have asked in the comments about the possibility of adding recommended language information for each of the servers to help players decide which to head into, and the New World team has confirmed in reply that, “there will be some servers that have suggested languages to help players decide where they would like to play”.


🧭 Coordinate with your friends to #playnewworld on the same world for the official launch!

RT and tag your fellow Adventurers!

— New World (@playnewworld) September 22, 2021

It’s a pretty gigantic number from the sounds of it, given another major MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, has quite a few less. Hopefully, then, there’ll be plenty of room for Aeterenum’s first adventurers when launch day arrives.

New World arrives next week, on September 28. To get ready for the big day, check out our New World money farm trading posts, New World best weapons, and New World beginner’s guides at those links.