Xbox Series X | S: No VR headsets from Microsoft, but Phil Spencer likes PlayStation VR

Xbox Series X | S: No VR headsets from Microsoft, but Phil Spencer likes PlayStation VR

Xbox Series X | S

Xbox Series X | S does not appear to be destined to receive an official VR headset from Microsoft, as Xbox division head Phil Spencer reiterated that the company has no plans to invest in the production of hardware devices of this type. while appreciating PlayStation VR and what Sony, Oculus and others are doing in general.

Still in the course of the Wall Street Journal's long interview with the head of the Xbox division at Microsoft, Phil Spencer still has a once reiterated that virtual reality is not yet an area in which the company intends to invest with the production of new viewers.

Microsoft Hololens obviously are not yet foreseen as an Xbox integration All this despite Microsoft is still developing HoloLens, the mixed AR / VR viewer, which however seems to be still considered something distant from the Xbox section.

According to Spencer, the push on mixed reality, VR and even the famous metaverse that is populating the current discussions are all elements that lead to greater immersion in the gaming world. "We are big supporters of software platforms and devices that enable these experiences, absolutely," said the head of Xbox.

However, "we are much more focused on the software front at the moment. When it comes to talking of worlds to relate to and the connection of a player with the community, these are elements that are high in our priorities ", however, the time has not yet come to launch into the production of front-line VR headsets by Microsoft.

This does not mean that the issue is not taken into consideration by the company: "At the moment we have decided to focus on the software development front", also as Windows support for PC viewers. In any case, Spencer greatly admires the efforts made in this area from the hardware point of view: "I applaud what Sony is doing, as well as Oculus and Valve. I mean, there are a lot of very good active producers who are doing great things. on the virtual reality front ".

From the same WSJ interview we also learned that for Phil Spencer the team acquisitions are not finished by Xbox Game Studios, and that neither confirms nor denies the possibility that Xbox Game Pass has reached 30 million subscribers.

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Xbox Series X | S

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