Skyrim: the imposing castle of Castlevania comes to life in this mod

Skyrim: the imposing castle of Castlevania comes to life in this mod


The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim mod world constantly manages to surprise us. Even when we think we have seen them all and of all colors, here comes a new modder with a creation that again manages to catch us off guard. In the course of ten years since its original release we have seen mods of all kinds, from the aesthetic ones to those that go to transform the gameplay, and with today's mod we can admire a truly impressive and unexpected creation.

Il modder known online by the nickname 'ayrasci' has released a fantastic new mod inspired by the Castlevania saga for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition. The mod in question is called Dracula's Castle and, as the title suggests, this mod introduces in the great fantasy work of Bethesda nothing less than the castle of Dracula that we have learned to recognize and love in the Castlevania saga.

Going deeper, players will be able to find Dracula's Castle near the Solitude Pier. Upon entering this castle, players will find all of Castlevania's classic enemies such as: bats and various forms of the undead. Also, enemies in the castle respawn as normal dungeon enemies unless you go and kill the owner of the castle; Dracula. The mod also introduces the new ingredient "Heart", whose players will be able to use it to cure any disease.

If you love The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim and adore the atmosphere and architecture of Dracula's castle in Castlevania version, you can download and enjoy this fantastic mod by going to download it from this address.

If you want to discover secrets too, you always have time to leave for the first time for Tamriel. You can purchase your copy of Skyrim Special Edition on Amazon at this address.

Skyrim player finds that Netch Jelly can prevent any and all fall damage

a couple of people that are standing in the snow: Skyrim © Provided by GamesRadar Skyrim

A Skyrim player has discovered a clever way to avoid any fall damage and it involves the elusive Netch Jelly item.

As posted to the game’s dedicated subreddit, one player has demonstrated how to pull off the trick with a video captioned: 'Did you know that you can use Netch Jelly to prevent any and all fall damage?' 

In the clip, the player dives off the side of a mountain and quickly accesses their pockets to use some Netch Jelly before hitting the ground below. 

For those who don’t know, Netch Jelly is capable of paralyzing players who consume it, which is how this trick works. By using the Netch Jelly before impact, players are somehow overriding the fall damage animation meaning that as soon as the paralyzation wears off they are able to carry on as if nothing happened. The paralyzing effect doesn’t last long however so those wishing to pull this trick off themselves should attempt it right before they hit the ground. 

The only problem with this hack is that Netch Jelly isn’t always in easy supply, as explained in the comments of the Reddit post. Netch Jelly can be obtained by killing a jellyfish-like creature known as a Netch and taking the jelly from the creature. However, as another player in the comments stated, catching them isn’t necessarily the problem, it's “the emotional cost” which is difficult to face as these creatures are usually harmless and will only attack if provoked. 

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