Microsoft Flight Simulator: Playing online improves the game, here's how

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Playing online improves the game, here's how

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Now that Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on both PC and Xbox consoles, all fans of the Microsoft flight simulator can finally fly around the world. Obviously, there is also room for the most curious; bewitched by a general quality to say the least monstrous and a realism (not only in the simulation aspect) that literally leaves anyone who approaches this great title speechless.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Asobo Studios title is Microsoft is all about playing online, as Microsoft Flight Simulator relies on a number of cloud technologies that further enhance the realism of the game. Thanks to this, playing online it is possible to fly over the various parts of the world even with all the atmospheric agents recreated in real time. If a strong storm strikes over your house, you can fly into it in the new Flight Simulator.

But it doesn't stop at these delightful details, given that, as shown by the YouTube channel Cycu1, playing online at Microsoft Flight Simulator you will be able to enjoy a better graphical aspect. These improvements make the game map even more dense, adding more details to the cities you will fly over, giving you the impression of not being able to distinguish the virtual from the real.

Almost a year after the original launch on PC, there is still a lot of talk about Microsoft Flight Simulator. especially in this period in which the title has finally arrived on Xbox Series X | S and in the subscription service Xbox Game Pass also on consoles. Finally, we remind you that the development team is always looking forward to updating the game with new content, just like the fans who are constantly working on new mods.

If you haven't yet ventured into the new simulation iteration of Asobo Studio and Microsoft, you can purchase Microsoft Flight Simulator on Amazon in one of the two editions on sale at the following addresses: Standard Edition and Premium Deluxe Edition.

Latest Microsoft Flight Simulator update will focus on crashes and bugs

a plane flying over a body of water: Microsoft Flight Simulator photo mode © Provided by GamesRadar Microsoft Flight Simulator photo mode

A brand new Microsoft Flight Simulator update is now available. 

Developer Asobo has published a brand new slate of patch notes over on the official Microsoft Flight Simulator website, which is available on PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

Headlining the new update are several stability and performance updates. You'll hopefully see fewer crashes both in-game and on the world map after the update launches, and you'll see fewer crashes relating to the offline AI traffic. Elsewhere in Microsoft Flight Simulator, the game will no longer freeze for a prolonged period of time when connecting or disconnect any peripherals, like VR headsets (VR came to Microsoft Flight Simulator late last year in an update).

There's also a fix for the correct runway to appear during the landing challenge in Nice, and pilots are now displayed in the external plane view camera during the landing challenge in Isafjordur. Finally, achievements will no longer be rewarded in error for certain landing challenges, and the new update has fixed various flight planner bugs relating to Garmin devices, the VFR map, and more.

Elsewhere on the official game's website, developer Asobo provided a roadmap for Microsoft Flight Simulator further down the line. You can check out the complete update roadmap for yourself just below, which runs through to September 2021, which sets the stage for new planes, world updates adding new locations, and much more.

Microsoft Flight Simulator only just launched on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S earlier this week. It's available through Xbox Game Pass on both consoles, and has already implemented all the previous update that the game received on PC, including real-time snow, the big UK and Ireland world update, and much more besides.

If you want to get your hands on Microsoft's ace sim at the cheapest price point possible, head over to our guide on the best Microsoft Flight Simulator prices for more.