Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X / S will take up a lot of SSD space

Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X / S will take up a lot of SSD space

As expected, the size of the Microsoft Flight Simulator installation for Xbox Series X and S is quite generous. In fact, there is talk of a total of 97.2 GB of space occupied on the SSD, not a few, but in line with the installation on the PC, which the Microsoft Store indicates to occupy approximately 123.01 GB.

We are talking about the rest of a flight simulator that very faithfully reproduces the entire terrestrial globe, so it is normal for it to be expensive.

Microsoft Flight Simulator installation size on Xbox Series X Microsoft Flight Simulator is the best simulator of flight of recent years, a small jewel that is involving hundreds of thousands of fans of the genre. It is also probably one of the most technologically advanced games available. For more details, read our review of the PC version of the game, where Pierpaolo Greco wrote:

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the new benchmark for flight simulators. But, wanting to be even more daring and disruptive, we can safely say that this game represents the excellence of the entire category of simulators. Such great excellence also touches the technical front which, however, suffers from a considerable heaviness and requires high-level components to be able to offer a quality that lives up to expectations and what is shown in the video by Microsoft. So why didn't we climb above the massive and important dry 9? Simply because, in our opinion, the game lacks in terms of content aimed at players who want to improve their knowledge of flying and are looking for missions, guides, explanations and, perhaps, a career and qualification licenses for aircraft included. On this front Microsoft Flight Simulator offers very little and will struggle to give you a real sense of progression or to offer you a purpose to improve yourself. However, if you are only and exclusively interested in flying, proceed with the purchase: you will be fully satisfied.

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