Half-Life: a new game may be in development, first clues

Half-Life: a new game may be in development, first clues


After the Half-Life saga returned last year with a highly acclaimed new chapter, fans of the legendary Valve brand are waiting to find out if from here on we will have the opportunity to witness new releases of this franchise. almost revered by his own ago. Alyx's success could push Valve to think about returning to this universe on a permanent basis, and apparently, a detail would have appeared on the net that seems to presage that something new is in production.

To bring out this clue was a Reddit user, who limited himself to reshare a post that caught his attention. Olly Moss, a designer who also worked on the development of Half-Life Alyx, posted a very special new image on his Instagram account. In the photo there are no great clues, but according to the Reddit user it is in the caption of the post that a very important clue could be hidden.

The photo, in fact, is accompanied by a short line of text in which Moss wanted to let people know the following: “I'm not dead. I'm just working ”. Now, we fully realize that this can mean anything and everything, but the Reddit user discovered that Moss himself, before Alyx was announced, posted something very similar saying, “Hi I'm not dead, I'm just working. hard on Half-Life Alyx with the Valve team ".

Theory that new Half Life is in development from GamingLeaksAndRumours | a new Half-Life, but it's certainly curious to see how the designer's two posts frighteningly fit together. Could this mean anything? Not necessarily, for this reason we advise you to take these clues as such, without giving them too much importance until the moment of a possible official announcement by Valve.

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Half-Life: Alyx artist teasing work on a new project

a person standing in front of a stone building: Half-Life: Alyx © Provided by GamesRadar Half-Life: Alyx

A Half-Life: Alyx artist is teasing work on a new project. 

Just below, you can see an Instagram post from artist Olly Moss, which was posted to the artist's page just yesterday on July 18. In the post itself, we can see Moss wielding a pretty snazzy-looking camera, with the caption 'not dead. Just working.' This is the artist's first new post on his Instagram page since May.

Moss is up to work on something new then, but the question is: what? As you can no doubt deduce from the Instagram post just above, we don't really have any information to go on right now, but it's still nice to know that the Half-Life: Alyx artist has another project in the pipeline.

If you're unfamiliar with the work of Moss, he's got quite an impressive resume. Moss first properly started working in video games back in 2013, when he joined with former Telltale Games developers to form Campo Santo. Three years later in 2016, Campo Santo would release the brilliant narrative-driven adventure game Firewatch, for which Moss was in charge of the art direction.

Moss then joined up with Valve as they acquired Campo Santo. Since joining Valve, Moss has worked solely on Half-Life: Alyx, the excellent revival of the once-dormant first-person shooter series which launched exclusively on Steam for VR devices in 2020.

Outside of game development however, Moss has seen acclaim for his work of redesign movie posters. Head over to Moss's official website to peruse his impressive body of work for yourself, where you can find redesigned posters for the likes of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Howl's Moving Castle, and games like The Last of Us and Firewatch.

No matter what Moss is working on next, it goes without saying that it's well worth keeping an eye on. Here's hoping Moss is working on another video game release for Valve, because so far, his track record has produced nothing but absolute bangers.

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