Tim and Sparkle show the potential of quantum communication

Tim and Sparkle show the potential of quantum communication

On the occasion of the G20 in Trieste, TIM and Sparkle showed an international quantum communication made on optical fiber between three cities: Trieste, Ljubljana and Rijeka. To verify the reliability of the connection, a video call was presented, which used a particularly advanced quantum cryptographic system, and a live concert of three quartets - thanks to the collaboration of the "Giuseppe Tartini" conservatory of Trieste, of the Academy of Music of Zagreb and the Music Academy of Ljubljana.

Credit: Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels A trusted node, while the encryption was managed by the Quantum Key Distribution technique, which allows you to securely exchange the cryptographic key of a second, more traditional encryption algorithm. In practice, the data is transmitted on a normal transmission channel, while the keys travel on a second quantum channel. This solution makes it possible to promptly identify any external attempt to steal the transmitted information, since, due to the properties of quantum mechanics, perturbations are created in the quantum system which are immediately detected by the receiver and transmitter.

L 'network infrastructure set up by Tim and Sparkle, to which the University of Trieste and the National Institute of Optics of the CNR also contributed, fits into the broader context of the European project EuroQDL, promoted by the 27 member states and of the European Commission, also supported by the European Space Agency.

Credit: Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels It will be very interesting to see the developments in the field of information processing and transmission in quantum form over the next few years, but before we see such systems in our homes it will be Unfortunately, you still have to wait a long time.

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