Instagram will allow you to limit or exclude sensitive content in the Explore section

Instagram will allow you to limit or exclude sensitive content in the Explore section

This is content that does not violate the rules of the community but that may be unwelcome to some people, such as sexually suggestive ones

(photo: Unsplash) Instagram has launched a function that allows you to decide how many sensitive content to see in the Explore section of his app. This part of the feed is dedicated to discovering the contents of accounts that we do not follow, but which for some reason may be of interest to us. Instagram recommends photos, videos or stories but we never know what we're about to see.

The goal of the new feature is to allow you to choose the amount of sensitive content that can appear in Explore and give users more control over the use of Instagram.

You can adjust this filter by going to the app settings, clicking on Account and then on Control of sensitive content. Here you can allow sensitive content, choose to see less of it or limit it even more.

Photo: via Instagram When we talk about sensitive content, we mean photos or videos that do not violate the rules of the community. as content that incites hatred, but it is, as Instagram itself makes clear, of posts "that could potentially be irritating to some people, for example posts that could be sexually suggestive or violent".

In note on the blog announcing this news Instagram explains that it believes that people should be able to transform social media into the experience they want.

"We have started moving in this direction with tools such as the ability to disable comments or prevent someone from interacting with you on Instagram ”it reads.

You can change the new content control section at any time, with one exception. The Allow option will not be available for children under 18.

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