Stan Lee will no longer have cameos in Marvel movies

Stan Lee will no longer have cameos in Marvel movies

The love and esteem of fans for Stan Lee over the years has increasingly consolidated thanks to the appearances and cameos that featured the Smiling in the films of the Marvel films. Following his passing in 2018 at the age of 95, Marvel Studios have decided that Lee will no longer appear in their upcoming films.

The story was told by Al Jean, showrunner of the film The Good, The Bart and The Loki. His statement comes from an interview with, during which Jean talked about the new Simpsons movie linked to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The idea was to be able to use audio that Stan Lee had previously recorded, but a negative response came from Marvel Studios.

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“We said ' We have these recordings that Stan Lee made for our show, could we use them as a cameo? ' They replied that their policy did not include other appearances now that it is gone, which is absolutely understandable. It is the only thing they asked of us, and we obviously accepted. Their request for the short about Grogu also made total sense. If you let everyone do what I want with Grogu, it's over. Really, I absolutely respect that this franchise has more power than us. I respect that. ”

The film that unites the universe of the Simpsons with that of Marvel characters was released a few days ago, on July 7th, on Disney +. Expelled for the umpteenth time by Asgard, Loki ends up on Earth, in Springfield, and finds in Bart Simpson an ally for his misdeeds. Obviously, the voice of the God of Deception is Tom Hiddleston, currently the protagonist of the stand-alone Loki miniseries from Disney +, now in its fifth and penultimate episode.

The latest film released for Marvel Studios is Black Widow, a prequel dedicated to Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow that sheds light on some moments of her spy past and her origins.

You can read here our review of the film, currently in theaters and available for purchase on Disney +