There will be four models of the iPhone 13, with new colors

There will be four models of the iPhone 13, with new colors

There will be four models of the iPhone 13

While the iPhone 12 models are already described as Legacy, suggesting a sudden exit from production

(Photo: MacRumors) We can now take for granted the presentation of the new iPhone 13 on September 14th and it now seems certain that there will be four: directly from the documents recently filed with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), or the federal commission for communications in the United States, the list of devices arriving with the poker of models expected at the gate emerges. In addition, new colors should debut, but there is also less exciting news: the iPhone 12 are described as legacy, referring to the fact that they should immediately go out of production.

Information has been unearthed within the documentation relating to a new 15-watt MagSafe type charger that should be formalized together with the new generation of smartphones. Four new iPhone codes appear in the list of compatible devices, namely A2628, A2645, A2634 and A2640, which should therefore correspond to iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. the Mini model can be discarded given the not so thriving sales figures of the iPhone 12 Mini.

The documentation also shows a reference to the current iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro which are defined as Legacy suggesting how the production line should stop at the very moment of the debut of the new generation. This does not mean that it will be eliminated from stores, as stocks will have to run out. Right now on the Apple Store you can still find second generation iPhone 11 and iPhone Se in addition to the old iPhone Xr: it is possible that the latter can be eliminated while keeping iPhone 12 as a second option and with a slightly more affordable price.

The latest hardware rumors tell of a storage space of up to 512 GB on the iPhone 13 Max, the A15 Bionic chip, a 120 Hz display again for the Max and support for charging at 25 watts. In addition, there will be two new possible colors with pink instead of green for the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini, which will also be released in black, blue, purple, red and white. And bronze instead of blue for the Pros that will also come out in silver, gold and black, which takes the place of graphite gray.

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The FCC is ‘chiva’ that there will be four iPhone 13 models in a document on a new version of the MagSafe charger

Apple plans to launch a renewed version of MagSafe compatible with the current iPhone 12 and the future iPhone 13. Thanks to the documentation sent to the US commission, we can see how Apple submitted this new version for analysis and approval. The specific changes it has undergone are unknown, something for which we will have to wait for next week’s expected keynote yet to be confirmed.

The documentation sent to the FCC was first found by Dave Zatz on his Twitter account and reproduced by 9to5Mac. If we take a look at the original documents, we will see a lot of technical information. All were sent out on August 24, although only part of it was made public yesterday (the rest will be on March 5, 2022, apparently). The employee responsible for shipping is Abhishek Rala, who is the “Regulatory Compliance Officer”.

Among the documentation we find load diagrams like this. It shows how the MagSafe can be used from any angle, which is already the case in the current model. Although what is really interesting is that in the documentation we find mentions of four “new phones”.

The FCC has tested the new MagSafe on all four iPhone 12s, which it calls “legacy” or older version. Both without a case and with a silicone case. And it’s the same with four “new phones” as shown in the picture. From each readings, it can be deduced that there are four different models of iPhone 13, including the iPhone 13 mini.

It’s unclear what kind of new feature the revamped version of the MagSafe Charger will add. Sometimes Apple will ship a new model like this number A2548 when minor changes are made. It is therefore not certain that it will incorporate significant improvements to the current A2140. Of course, it was speculated with greater strength in the magnets and compatibility with AirPods 3.