Xbox Series X inside an Xbox Series X mini fridge, like a matryoshka

Xbox Series X inside an Xbox Series X mini fridge, like a matryoshka

Xbox Series X inside an Xbox Series X mini fridge

Xbox Games Marketing & Home Appliance Visionary from Xbox, as well as General Manager Aaron Greenberg posted a video on TikTok showing an Xbox Series X pulled from inside an Xbox Series X mini fridge, just as if it were a matryoshka. br>

The video itself is nice and ends with Greenberg plugging an Xbox controller into the mini fridge's USB port, but it's also indicative of how Microsoft's engineers worked hard on the mini fridge meme by making a perfect marketing item to promote your console and make it look nice.

What use would it be to put an Xbox Series X in the mini fridge? Probably nothing, or it could be useful for cooling the console after long gaming sessions with Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite. Who can tell?

Anyway, as the reporter Tom Warren pointed out on Twitter, where he filmed the video, we now need an Xbox Series X inside an Xbox Series X mini fridge inside an Xbox Series X fridge , to continue the series, of course, and to have Greenberg make some more footage.

Have you noticed any errors?

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Finally Gets a Release Date

After months of waiting, Microsoft has finally unveiled new information on its highly anticipated Xbox Series X mini fridge, which will launch in December 2021.

As noted in the latest Xbox Wire blog post, Microsoft will be releasing the first wave of Series X-shaped mini fridge will retail for $99.99/£89.99. The blog post also notes that preorders will begin on October 19 with multiple retailers selling the product globally in December. For US users, the Xbox Series X mini fridge will be sold exclusively at Target to ensure as many fans as possible can purchase the mini fridge. Microsoft also promised to expand regional availability in 2022.

In the UK, preorders are also going up on October 19, and will be available from GAME, costing £89.99 and also shipping in December 2021.

The Xbox Series X mini fridge has been an ongoing meme that Microsoft has played along with since the Xbox Series X console was first announced in 2019, where people compared the box-shaped design to that of a refrigerator. Last November, the company gave away a full-sized Xbox Series X-shaped fridge.

Last April, Xbox's Aaron Greenberg announced that it would indeed be making a Series X mini fridge after the company won a #BestOfTweets Branch Bracket Championship. While news on the mini fridge itself has been slim, at the end of Microsoft's E3 2021 showcase, the company confirmed that the Series X mini fridge would release sometime during the 2021 holiday season.

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