PS4: Update 9.03 available, here are the news of the new firmware

PS4: Update 9.03 available, here are the news of the new firmware


News day for Sony consoles. After the new firmware for PS5 has arrived, in fact, a system update has arrived for PS4, to be precise the Update 9.03.

As in the case of the update for PS5 (here all the details of the update 21.02-04.50.00) also in this case do not hold your breath waiting for particularly exciting news. The new 9.03 System Software, according to the official notes issued by Sony, is limited to simply "improving system performance". The download weight is 490.2 MB. It is therefore one of the classic minor updates published by Sony periodically for the consoles of the PS4 family. However, installation is mandatory to continue using the console's online functions, such as being able to play multiplayer.

PS4 and PS4 Pro It cannot be ruled out a priori that the update does not hide some unmentioned news from Sony, which we will know with certainty only after the usual investigations by data miner and user reports. However, we doubt that there will be any particularly interesting news for PS4 in the future, as the console already has eight years of honored career behind it and Sony is of course focusing on supporting PS5.

In addition to Sony's home consoles, today Nintendo Switch also received a new update, to be precise the system firmware 13.2.0.

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PS4 Firmware 9.03 Available to Download Now

PS4 Firmware Update 9.03

Sony's really giving up the goods today. First, the platform holder released a new firmware update for PlayStation 5. Now, though, it's PS4's turn, with version number 9.03 available now.

This mandatory system software update weighs in at 490MB, but don't expect too much. This is, as expected, a no-frills patch. 'This system software update improves system performance.' Our favourite seven-word sentence.

A big day for system performance, then. Whether you own a PS5, PS4, or both, get your console up to date on this bountiful Wednesday.