Windows 11, ISO download available

Windows 11, ISO download available

Windows 11

Microsoft has finally released the first official ISOs of Windows 11, allowing users to perform clean installations of the new operating system, which we remember being out this fall. The announcement of the availability of the new ISO comes in conjunction with the release of build 22000.132 dedicated to members of the Windows Insider program.

ISO download availability not only allows you to perform a clean installation, but also allows you to find out how the installation experience changes, which should guide you through all the configuration steps essential to get there to have a PC ready to use. Also in this case Microsoft has shown that it listens to the feedback of its Insider users: the possibility of giving a name to the PC during the setup procedure was not provided, but as Microsoft itself tells in a post on its official blog, the request on the part of the users was such as to lead the company to integrate even this small functionality. In addition, once the initial configuration is complete, when the PC is started for the first time, the “Get Started” application will help users make the final touches and complete the configuration of the newly installed system.

To download the new ones Windows 11 ISO, you must first be enrolled in the Windows Insider program. To do this, simply go to the Settings menu of your PC, then type "insider" in the search bar and open the "Windows Insider Program Settings" item. At this point, just click the "Get Started" button and follow the instructions to select the experience and channel through which to get the Insider builds in preview, via Windows Update.

Once enrolled in the program, to download the Windows 11 ISO you will need to connect to this page and log in with the Microsoft account registered with Windows Insider. Once this is done, scrolling down you will find a drop-down menu like the one you see in the image below, which will give you the opportunity to download different Insider versions of Windows 11.

Microsoft just made it easier to officially download Windows 11

Microsoft just made it easier to download Windows 11. You can now clean install beta versions of the new operating system, or update Windows 10 to Windows 11, on any compatible PC by using an official ISO file.

To get the official Windows 11 ISO file, you’ll need to sign up to be a Windows insider via Microsoft’s website. Once your account is linked, you can visit the Windows Insider Preview Downloads page and choose either a Dev Channel or Beta Channel build to download.

Laptop sitting on a desk showing Windows 11

When choosing, keep in mind that the Dev Channel gets updated more frequently, but the Beta channel is more stable but won’t come with the latest feature. You can then create installation media either on a USB flash drive or CD, as we describe in our handy guide.

Microsoft is currently offering the ISO files for the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.160 as a download. This means that you can use the files to “clean install” the operating system on any compatible PC, without having to go through the long process of joining the Windows Insider program in Windows 10.

Of course, you’ll need a valid Windows 10 license to activate Windows 11 if you opt to use this ISO. You also can double-click the ISO file once it’s downloaded to open it up and launch an updater to easily move your existing machine to Windows 11.

If you’re using the ISO file to upgrade or clean install a Windows 11 PC, this build should get you all the major Windows 11 features so far. That includes the newly redesigned Start Menu and Taskbar, as well as the new chat app and Microsoft Teams integration.

Those coming from Windows 10 will also get more ways to multitask. And, if you opt for the Windows Insider Dev Channel, you’ll get some new app updates, such as the new Alarms experience. This comes with “Focus Sessions,” which is designed to help you to focus at work using timers, as well as a Spotify integration.

Microsoft also teased a new Paint app for Windows 11, which should be coming soon to Windows Insiders. So, downloading this ISO file and using it to install the new operating system is the best way to ensure that you’re getting the latest and greatest from Microsoft.

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