The Ascent becomes a FPS thanks to a mod, the result is amazing

The Ascent becomes a FPS thanks to a mod, the result is amazing

The Ascent becomes a FPS thanks to a mod

The Ascent is an isometric top-down RPG shooter made by Neon Giant. Those who have had the opportunity to try the game first hand will surely have noticed the care taken by the developers in creating fascinating environments in Cyberpunk style. Although it was designed with a camera away from the character, the game nevertheless works well even with the first-person view. If you don't believe us take a look at this video where thanks to a mod The Ascent becomes an FPS.

The YouTube channel Gaming with Griffin Griffin has performed an interesting experiment. Using the Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker tool he managed to "unlock" the camera and then play The Ascent with a first person view, turning it into a full-fledged FPS.

The result as you can see from the video It is surprising. While the Neon Giant title is meant to be played in an isometric view, the first-person camera shows an impressive level of detail for character models and game environments. A sign of painstaking work by the developers in creating a fascinating cyberpunk world.

On the other hand, the same fans of The Ascent these days are clamoring for the introduction of a first-person mode and could be satisfied. According to what was reported in an interview with VG247, in fact the developers have stated that this function could arrive in the future.

Among the promises of Neon Giant there is also that of correcting the differences between the Xbox Game versions The Ascent Pass and Steam.

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The Ascent Looks Stunning With This First-Person View Mod

With a pretty simple trick, you can add a free cam to The Ascent and get the feel of the first-person view in the game.

Originally launched later last month, The Ascent is an isometric action RPG set inside a dystopian, cyberpunk city, which is on the edge of chaos. The game has gone popular soon after launch, thanks to its enjoyable gameplay mechanics and incredible world design.

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  • Probably, the only major downside of the game was the fact that it was not polished enough for PC and Xbox One at launch. Although the developers have deployed a few updates so far, the game still needs further hotfixes to become a pain-free experience.

    Regardless of the issues, The Ascent is a top-notch isometric shooter that you shouldn’t miss, but what if the game were made in the first-person view? If you have already thought about it, a fan was able to add a free camera that shows the game in the first-person mode.

    The Ascent | Launch Trailer



    The Ascent | Launch Trailer





    The Ascent First-Person Mod

    Using the Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker, a fan managed to add a free camera to The Ascent and recreated walking in Veles in the first-person view.

    The interesting part is that the game looks absolutely stunning even in the first-person view. You might think if an isometric experience becomes first-person it could lack enough details in texture, but The Ascent will surprise you in that certain area.

    Unfortunately, you can play the missions or the entire game with this mod, but if enough players show positive feedback to this, modders might be convinced to work on a fully functional first-person mod.

    FIRST PERSON MODE! How to unlock free camera in The Ascent

    The Ascent is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. The Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play it for free.

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