Review: These are the hottest topics of the 30th calendar week 2021 on Videogameszone

Review: These are the hottest topics of the 30th calendar week 2021 on Videogameszone


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FIFA 22: Official gameplay trailer for football simulation (video)


Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Trailer for the Sigrblot festival shows the one-handed -Sword (Video)

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Unreal Engine: Epic shows the next generation of physics and destruction, FIFA 22: Official gameplay trailer for football simulation and much more. - The most popular videos of the day


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Review: These are the hottest topics of the 30th calendar week 2021 on Videogameszone (3 comments)

Blaner vows increased accountability in quest for elected office

Doug Blaner, who worked for the State Auditor’s office for almost three decades, is seeking voters’ support for St. Clair Township Trustees on Nov. 2 Election Day. (Photo by Stephanie Ujhelyi)

EAST LIVERPOOL — A St. Clair Township man thinks it is time for a change — and he is hoping voters agree.

Doug Blaner, a resident of Moore Road, is one of three candidates running for township trustee during the Nov. 2 general election. He will be running against incumbents Robert W. Swickard and James Sabatini. Two candidates will be elected.

Blaner, 57, is retired from the Ohio Auditor of State’s office, where he assisted in performing financial audits of government entities like the township for almost three decades. “We were in charge of making sure that they are responsible with community funds,” he said. “I believe that I can bring even more transparency and accountability.”

Since he is retired, he acknowledged that he can dedicate the time to being a full-time trustee.

“Since I have retired, I have been at almost every meeting for the past six years. I bring every aspect of the job, including knowledge of roads and construction to fiscal experience,” he said.

Most recently, he had worked as a construction inspector for Dallis Dawson and Associates on phase one of the Firestone Park project, doing everything from reading blueprints and verifying completion of work on behalf of the firm.

Possessing a Bachelor’s of Science in science from West Virginia University, he was a former licensed school treasurer although he didn’t use it.

“My strength would be shown in efforts to plan for the future,” Blaner, who is a lifelong area resident who grew up in Glenmoor, added.

Yes, overall St. Clair Township does a good job under the watchful eye of Fiscal Officer Deborah Dawson, but Blaner does admit the Brophey incident showed that there is definitely room for improvement.

Back in February 2020, a former St. Clair Township police detective sergeant was sentenced to one year in prison, after pleading guilty to charges of theft in office, tampering with records as well as breaking and entering. The crimes of Joseph Brophey, 58, were detected when an employee for the township found some discrepancies while processing payroll for the police department four years early. The plan had been to demote Brophey to a patrol officer and make him pay back the money. However, due to Brophey’s attempts to self-help his situation, the state of Ohio became involved instead of the matter being handled in-house, and it was discovered that he had claimed overtime totaling around $20,191 over that past decade inappropriately.

Blaner is concerned about what controls, if any, the township may have implemented to prevent a future occurrence.

He said he believes there are a lot of ways that his skills and experience could be used.

For example, St. Clair Township contracted with an outside law firm to assist with expenditure of its COVID money within guidelines. He liked some of the ideas that other communities — like Center Township — to share their pandemic money with their community within guidelines. He believes that it isn’t something that requires an attorney’s oversight, and potentially that spent money could have been saved if he had been serving as an elected official.

“I think my experience at the auditor’s office would be so valuable — especially combined with my full-time availability,” he added.

Blaner and his wife, Laura, who is a registered nurse at East Liverpool City Hospital, have two adult children.

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