PS5: Rumors of new State of Play in the coming week

PS5: Rumors of new State of Play in the coming week


It's no surprise that sooner or later Sony will be talking about the new highlights of PlayStation Studios in a State of Play. Fans have been waiting for the next big event for some time now, where titles like God of War or Gran Turismo 7 may also be mentioned. The State of Play was last published in July, but the presentation focused on Deathloop and some indie titles.

After Sony also stayed away from E3 2021 in June, fans are now asking themselves the question when there will be announcements and news about PlayStation again. This week, rumors have surfaced about the next State of Play, which could possibly take place very soon. According to James Jarvis (producer of the Future Games Show), information is circulating that the next event should be planned for August 19, 2021. An announcement is supposed to be made today. So fans don't have to wait too long to see whether the rumors come true or if they turn out to be a duck in the end.

The alleged contents of the State of Play include new details on Gran Turismo 7, and finally some hints on a possible beta has surfaced, as well as another look at Horizon Forbidden West - including the confirmation that the title will no longer be available for PS5 (buy now) and PS4 this year. A detailed look at Kena: Bridge of Spirits as well as a brand new surprise are also among the expectations of James Jarvis. The event would also take place in the context of Gamescom 2021.

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Yes, PS5’s ‘Godfall’ Got An Expansion, And Its Out Today



I remember vaguely hearing about long term plans for PS5 launch game Godfall to get an actual expansion at some point, and when I went to look it up, it turns out that it’s out uh, today.

That would be the Fire and Darkness expansion, which yes, is a paid expansion and costs $20 as an add-on to the original game, which is required to play it.

This expansion release also marks an odd milestone for the game, Godfall is launching on PS4, something that was previously pitched as “impossible” due to all the supposed tech capabilities of the game, but here we are. There is cross-generational play here and a matchmaking beta for endgame content with the update.

Among the other things you’ll find in this update:

  • A new game mode, Lightbringer, for level 50 endgame players
  • New loot with a new item tier, Cursed items
  • New cosmetics (50+ Valorplate skins)
  • A new region (the Fire Realm)
  • New enemies (the Flameblood Tribe)
  • Look, you know what I thought about Godfall. I hated it. Even as the defender of lost looters like Anthem or Avengers, I played Godfall and could not even come up with a list of X, Y and Z as to what could make this a compelling live service game. I just didn’t see the DNA there at all.  

    That said I am mildly curious about this expansion, just to see what it would be like, and playing it would mean testing out a lot of older changes to the game I’ve missed since I never went back to it. I know that they made some significant changes to the flow of combat, namely allowing action cancelling to make it feel like you have more control over your swings, which was my primary problem with combat.

    That said, this isn’t coming at a great time in my live service schedule here. Today there’s actual new seasonal story stuff happening in Destiny, and next week, Avengers’ launches its War for Wakanda expansion. So yeah, not really sure how high of a priority I’ll give to this, but I’m not going to rule out heading back for it eventually.

    I’m not sure what the deal was in terms of how this expansion as greenlit. It seemed to pretty much be the plan for the game for day one, that no matter how the game was received or sold it would eventually come out, and here we are.

    Does Godfall have a fanbase that will be picking this up? I have no idea, but if they exist, they are tiny. The r/PlayGodfall subreddit only has 10,000 members, downright microscopic compared to rivals. Outriders has ten times that. Destiny has 200 times that.

    Anyway, this exists. Enjoy it, if Godfall struck a chord with you.

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