Sakurai, author of Super Smash Bros., has repeatedly thought about abandoning video games

Sakurai, author of Super Smash Bros., has repeatedly thought about abandoning video games


Masahiro Sakurai, best known as the author of Super Smash Bros., recently spoke about the difficulties of the development world, in a video chat with the director of Tekken - Katsuhiro Harada -. For example, the Japanese author stated that he has repeatedly thought of leaving the world of video games.

Sakurai said: "Making games is really difficult. I can't count how many times I thought I wanted to quit." . Harada seemed surprised by his colleague's words, who then went on to say: "I looked at the questions we received on Twitter and many people asked what kind of game I wanted to play. There is no game I would like to play ... it's what i would like to say, basically games are more fun to play than to do. "

The creator of Super Smash Bros. also stated:" Even if you work very hard to create one, sometimes you get caught up in ride, things are not going well, and there are many setbacks that can happen. Also, it could mean that you are shortening your life to make games. It is really tough, like it's a path full of thorns. You have to think about competing with the others because it's a competition. You have to fight and survive ... ".

Sakurai, however, concluded on a more positive note:" I also think I should work as long as possible ... If your heart you can stop, but if not and there is demand you can c keep doing it forever. "

Speaking of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fan criticism, Sakurai explained that it's not his fault that so many characters have swords.

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Super Smash Bros. creator Sakurai doesn't plan to retire any time soon

Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai may actually truly need a rest. 

The Super Smash Bros. community loves to joke that Sakurai needs a break, a meme that started due to the player base's seemingly voracious appetite for new DLC fighters that can't be satisfied. Sakurai has been working in the game industry for 30 years and recently opened up about his frustration with the DLC theories, speculations, and demands on Bandai Namco's Katsuhiro Harada's 'Harada's Bar' podcast. 

In the interview, Sakurai said: 'Give me a break!' 

Sakurai, now 51-years-old, also admitted that there were many times where he thought about quitting. Although this was not due to the pressure from the Super Smash Bros. community. Instead, it was about the amount of work it takes to create and maintain a game. 

 “Making games is really tough. I can’t count how many times I’ve thought I want to quit,' Sakurai admitted. 

But Sakurai is too hard a worker to ever go through with this consideration. Sakurai told Harada that he planned to work throughout his 60s. The Kirby creator explained that people are alive well past 60, so might as well work through that decade. 

'Contributing to society, even after 60 if you can, is something you have to think about no matter what job you do,' Sakurai said. 'If you can still do what you're good at and if there's a demand, you can do it.' 

This confirms that Sakurai doesn't plan to retire any time soon. So what's coming after Super Smash Bros, now that Ultimate's DLC is nearing an end. The last fighter will be revealed in 2021, finally completing the incredible roster. 

Sakurai didn't have an answer to that question just yet. He said there are no games he wants to make. Instead, he'd rather be playing video games. But the iconic game creator said that as long as there is a demand, he will continue. Maybe even forever. There is only one thing that would stop Sakurai from continuing to work on game development. 

Said Sakurai: 'If your heart gets broken, you can quit.' 

Until then, Sakurai plans to work on games as long as he can.