Jaguar Land Rover recalls over 100,000 fire risk vehicles

Jaguar Land Rover recalls over 100,000 fire risk vehicles

Jaguar Land Rover recalls over 100

Despite promises to improve reliability, which has always been the brand's Achilles' heel, Jaguar Land Rover has yet to fix some "oversights" from the recent past. In recent days, it announced a new recall affecting over 100,000 vehicles (111,746 to be precise) distributed between 2010 and 2016. These are the Range Rover Sport and Land Rover Discovery models equipped with V8 and V6 engines, which are at risk fires due to a faulty component located near the tank. This is a flange that tends to break causing fuel to escape, which can later ignite during vehicle use.

Similar problems are commonplace at this time due to still imperfect reliability of many electric car batteries. We have read several times about the problems Chevrolet Bolt had, costing the parent company dear, but even more famous names like Tesla have come to terms with the same issue. The substantial difference between thermal and electric, in this particular sector, is that petrol / diesel engines do not catch fire when switched off.

It should be noted that in the case of Range Rover there is no evidence of the actual occurrence of fires , therefore it is a “preventive” reminder to avoid (to the manufacturer) nasty surprises. The decision to replace the responsible part came after only 6 user reports but as many as 200 warranty repairs of the same component.

For those in doubt as to whether or not this problem exists, Jaguar Land Rover reports which is announced by the yellow “engine failure” warning light. In addition, there are drops of fuel under the vehicle and strong odors in the passenger compartment. In all cases, authorized dealers will replace the same flange free of charge at no cost to the owner.

At the moment, also considering the engines involved, it seems that this problem only concerns the American market. The announcement of the recall came from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the body that deals with road safety for the US territory.

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