Skyrim in Unreal Engine 5 displays breathtaking realism

Skyrim in Unreal Engine 5 displays breathtaking realism

Since the new Unreal Engine 5 was released in early access, fans of the development world have immediately jumped in to experience the first features that Epic's graphics engine already has to offer. In addition to a series of small experiments, some enthusiasts have dabbled in transforming a timeless game like The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim using just the very recent early access version of Unreal Engine 5.

Just recently one developer specializing in the creation of game assets has tried his hand at recreating some glimpses of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim with the Unreal Engine 5. As stated by the same creator on Reddit, this user known online as 'Hall00117', after the new version of the Epic engine was released in early access, decided to use the new engine features taking the watchtower as a starting point. which can be found west of Whiterun.

The final result really leaves you speechless, and we can see it in a video posted directly by this guy on his YouTube channel. The graphic quality offered by this initial version of Unreal Engine 5 is already quite sensational, and has made a small glimpse of the world of Skyrim very close to photorealism. If these are the first uses of the Epic engine, we really can't wait to see what the new engine and all the upcoming features that Epic will add to us in the future.

As the creator of this video points out, q his design is just a test that was done in a few days, using some of the materials and meshes owned by the user to see the performance inside the Unreal Engine 5 using Nanite technology. The result leaves you speechless, and it would be really interesting to be able to play (or replay) all of Skyrim in Unreal Engine 5; who knows, maybe in an upcoming umpteenth re-release of the game we will have the opportunity.

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