PS5 and PS Plus satisfy Sony, but the shortage of consoles is still a problem

PS5 and PS Plus satisfy Sony, but the shortage of consoles is still a problem

PS5 and PS Plus satisfy Sony

In these hours Sony has published the latest financial results of the PlayStation division, suggesting how the company is very satisfied with the sales trend of the new generation PS5 console.

We all know very well how difficult it is to get into possession of a PS5, but despite this serious shortage the Sony console is continuing to meet the expectations of the company. PlayStation 5 has surpassed 13 consoles sold worldwide, but apparently the shortage on the market will still be felt for a long time.

Another data that goes in favor of the Japanese company concerns the numbers it is doing the PS Plus subscription service. According to financial data, the service has reached and exceeded 47 million subscribers, proving to be growing and in perfect health.

With these results, PlayStation once again demonstrates the strength of its brand , although in this end-of-year period, gamers will be blown away as there will be no major exclusives to play and yesterday's State of Play disappointed many.

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Bloodborne Hit Rumor Mills Again; Bloodborne 2, PC Port & PS5 Remaster Reportedly in Development

Bloodborne is a game that combines deeply rewarding gaming mechanics with a captivating universe of mystery and forbidden knowledge to create an unforgettable experience. Bloodborne rumors about a possible PC version, remaster, or sequel have been around for years, and they keep cropping up now and again. Bloodborne is one of the most critically regarded Soulsborne games, with fans eagerly anticipating a sequel. Fans of the Soulsborne franchise who do not possess a PlayStation console, on the other hand, are eagerly anticipating the game's release on PC.

Bloodborne PC Port & PS5 Remaster Rumors

On a new episode of the XboxEra Podcast, host Nick Baker, who has previously been a reliable source of information, revealed that he has also heard that PlayStation is planning a major reboot of Bloodborne. Not only is Bluepoint allegedly working on Bloodborne 2 and a Bloodborne PS5 remaster, but a PC version of the popular action game is also on the road, according to Baker. He's previously disclosed rumors from PS Plus titles to the appearance of God of War: Ragnarok at the last Sony event. As a result, while every rumor should be treated with caution, he is a trustworthy source.


Apart from Bluepoint making sly suggestions, Sony or Bluepoint studio has not confirmed anything on the release of Bloodborne PC port, PS5 remaster, or any sequel of the Bloodborne.  But if you have so many notable leakers and rumor-mongers supporting each other from time to time, relief is close at hand.

There is a possibility that Bluepoint studio is working on the Bloodborne PC port, as it is rumored to be in development at Nixxes – another recent Sony acquisition is feature-complete and more-or-less ready for release. There's not much to add to the belief that Bluepoint Studios is simultaneously working on Bloodborne 2 and a Bloodborne 1 remaster.


At this point, it appears that something is going on behind closed doors at PlayStation with Bloodborne. Despite the fact that enthusiasts have been asking for a sequel, remaster, or even an improvement on the PS5 for quite some time, PlayStation has yet to satisfy their need. While we won't know for sure whether these reports are genuine until Sony makes an official statement, it appears like we will be hearing more from the company in the near future.

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