The Ascent for PS5 and PS4 also ranked in the US by the ESRB

The Ascent for PS5 and PS4 also ranked in the US by the ESRB

The Ascent has also been classified for PS5 and PS4 by the ESRB, the American board, and this further confirmation seems to point to an imminent announcement for the game.

If you remember, in fact, exactly one month ago The Ascent for PS5 and PS4 was rated in Taiwan. In short, it is only a matter of time, probably shortly, before Neon Digital formalizes the arrival of its title on the PlayStation platforms.

Released last July as an exclusive time on PC and Xbox, The Ascent is an action RPG playable alone or in cooperative, set in a futuristic cyberpunk-style world called Veles.

The Ascent, classification ESRB "We welcome you to the maximum expression of the arcology of The Ascent group, a vertical metropolis, populated by creatures from all over the galaxy, and run by multinational corporations. You play the role of a worker, owned by the company that owns you and all the inhabitants of your district, "says the official synopsis of the game.

" On an ordinary day, a series of catastrophic events overwhelm you: The Ascent group closes its doors for unknown reasons, and the survival of your district is at risk. ne to find out the cause of what happened. "

With two different classifications under their belt, as mentioned, it is very likely that the announcement of the PS5 and PS4 versions of The Ascent will arrive shortly. Unless Sony aims to include the game in the PlayStation Plus February line-up.

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