Google: According to court documents, the acquisition of Epic Games with Tencent was planned

Google: According to court documents, the acquisition of Epic Games with Tencent was planned


Not only Apple is currently struggling with Epic Games in court, Google has also been sued by the Fortnite creators. From the documents that are available as part of the ongoing negotiations, it appears that Google apparently had a different idea of ​​how the dispute with Epic Games could be resolved. As an alternative, a senior executive from Google has suggested joining forces with Tencent to simply take over Epic Games completely.

Through a deal in 2012, Tencent already owned 40% of the shares. However, this means that CEO Tim Sweeney remains in control. Instead of the 100% takeover of Epic Games, there is another idea in the documents, according to which Google could also buy some shares from Tencent in order to gain more control over the game company. It did not come to that, however.

The papers, which have only been fully available to the public since Wednesday, also contain details of a deal with Apple. Accordingly, Google should pay a lot of money for the default search engine in the iOS Safari browser to be set to Google. In addition, after a meeting, those responsible from both companies discussed whether they would like to defend themselves together - as one company, as it were - against Epic Games. In addition, Google is said to have started an initiative with "Project Hug" with which one would like to turn away developers before moving to other companies. The studios are lured with financial support or small commission payments.

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