How to change iPhone font without jailbreak

How to change iPhone font without jailbreak

For years, one of the "limits" of iPhones compared to Android devices was the lack of customization options. With the update to iOS 16, however, Apple has taken substantial steps and has implemented various functions for personalizing your iPhone. One possibility that is still missing is to be able to change the font of the system without resorting to a jailbreak. Nothing is lost, a developer has made an app to change font without jailbreak. Let's see what it is.

The app we are talking about was created by the developer Zhuowei Zhang  and before proceeding we anticipate that it works exclusively with iOS 16.1.2 and previous versions. If you have already installed the iOS 16.2 update, you will not be able to run this app. This compromise is given by the fact that the app exploits a vulnerability that has been fixed by Apple in the latest software version. Let's talk about the vulnerability CVE-2022-46689  which allows apps to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges.

Exploiting this small flaw, therefore, the app overrides the default iOS font (called San Francisco ) with other fonts already included which are:

DejaVu Sans Condensed DejaVu Serif DejaVu Sans Mono Go Regular Go Mono Fira Sans Segoe UI Comic Sans MS Choco Cooky (the font of Samsung smartphones) The app, however, has substantial limitations. First of all, the font is applied only to a part of the iOS system, moreover, each time the iPhone is restarted, the font is automatically restored to the original one. The developer claims that this choice allows for greater security since the changes are canceled after a reboot and no part of the system is permanently overwritten.

What do you think? Do you like the idea and would you prefer Apple to allow you to change the system font in iOS? In any case, we leave you the GitHub link where there is a description and detailed guide to try this app.

Made an app that overwrites the iOS system font using CVE-2022-46689.

It works on iOS 16.1.2 and below on unjailbroken devices.

Four fonts are included: DejaVu Sans Condensed, Serif, Mono, and Choco Cooky (because Samsung).

— Zhuowei Zhang (@zhuowei) December 26, 2022