GTA: the third chapter has changed everything according to the art director

GTA: the third chapter has changed everything according to the art director


According to Aaron Garbut, art director of Rockstar North, the release of GTA III changed everything by positively influencing the subsequent modus operandi of the studio, and leading to all its great successes. In fact, this chapter did not simply mark the series' entry into the three-dimensional dimension, but a set of additions, also in narrative and structural terms, which have forever shaped some of the most famous video games ever made by the studio.

During a recent interview with Game Informer , Garbut had his say about GTA III, underlining the fact that much of his experimentalism has characterized the subsequent artistic direction and the general maturation of Rockstar in this sense : “GTA III set the standard by which we make games. We [learned] so much from that experience, and realized how difficult it was to do something like this. Creating worlds with the density of detail and content that we wanted and that could be enjoyed quickly, all this brings with it a lot of complications. The fact that the central story has to exist alongside open-world systems featuring so many other elements - the ambient world, cops, gangs and the like - creates even more complications. We learned at the time that we weren't afraid to take a difficult path, believing the results were worth it. And we still continue to work and build in this sense today”.

To date, everyone's eyes are focused on GTA 6, towards a video game that promises to surpass the excellence of its predecessor in all respects. Only the next few months will tell us how big it will be and what we should expect, in the meantime it remains curious to reflect on the path that these video games have taken over the years, always improving from time to time up to today's results.

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